1 Year of WWE Network

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zardnaar, Aug 13, 2017.

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  1. Well I took my 1 month free and for the network and am still here 1 year later.

    Briefly I started watching Superstars of Wrestling back in 1988. Some of the kewl kids here in New Zealand preferred NWA or AWA but I only saw a couple of VHS tapes of their shows.

    I watched off and on up to 1997 via tape hire and through tot he finger poke of doom on WCW. I stopped watching wrestling sometime in 1999 after the finger poke, missed most of the Attitude Era and only watched the rare bits and pieces and what I picked up from the media like Benoit/Warriors death and wikipedia.

    I eventually started watching Jim COrnette interviews, Whatculture videos and Wrestling with Wegret along with shoot interviews.

    Why did I come back at the ripe old age of 38?

    1. Negative coverage of this Roman Reigns fella. I wanted to see what the fuss was about.

    2. Undertaker. I knew Rock, Austin, Michaels, Bret Hart etc had all retired but Taker, Kane, and Goldust were still around. I enjoyed some of their 96/97 antics and there was a lot of speculation he was gonna retire. Taker to me was that mortician guy who feuded with Hulk lol.

    So for the 1st time since the 99 when WCW Nitro was going I could watch successive storylines unfold not just the main events.

    Things I have enjoyed watching on the Network

    1. Smackdown through to around Elimination chamber.

    2. NXT

    3. Some of the feuds (1 month out of date). Roman/Braun, Jericho/KO, AJ/whoever, Miz/Dean (on SD last year) Goldbergs return and departure, Cass and Enzo storyline.

    4. Attitude Era stuff picking it up from 1998

    5. Classic matches from yesteryear

    6. History type Network Material/shoot interviews (Monday Night Wars, Table for 3)

    7. The occasional WCW episodes/spots (tempted to watch Niitro NWO story line 1996 to Sting/Hogan 1997).

    8. Some of the modern PPV (SS, Rumble, WM 33, SD ones 2016, Great Balls of Fire).

    9. Older PPVs and PPV spots (1992 Royal Rumble, RR 1999-2003+ 2016)

    10. Neville.
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  2. This is one area where I envy Americans. In Canada the network is more $ (as if the signal costs more crossing a border) and there's no library on-demand content. It's just an ordinary tv station. We pay more for less!
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  3. I am happy with it. I got it last year just to watch Wrestlemania. I had never seen a Wrestlemania before, and I wanted to check it out.

    I am happy with it for the PPV events. I have folks over to drink beer and eat chicken wings every PPV night. That alone makes it worth it to me.

    Other than the PPVs I watched the Rock and Stone Cold collections, some of the old Attitude Era, and really enjoyed the Monday Night Wars.

    After that I found the bottom, Atleast for me there is not much else interesting to me.

    I am sure if I searched through I could find something else, but with 5 hours of Raw and Smackdown every week, and maybe some NXT and Cruiserweights also I have gotten my fill of wrestling by the end of the week.