1 year of WWEF, 1000 years of Crayluminati

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dat Kid, Dec 17, 2012.

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  1. Today marks the 1 year anniversary of WWE Forums and as we all take the time to celebrate by bitching about what's wrong with WWE, but ironically prepare to watch Monday Night Raw tonight. Today marks another anniversary...the anniversary of the Crayluminati! Dun Dun Dun! :tyson:

    I heard from a very reliable source (Meltzer) that the Crayluminati celebration will take place at 6:66 o'clock STT (Satan Time Zone). Apparently all the biggest celebrities will be there such as Jay-Xanth, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and Dolph Hitler (yes i spelled that name right).

    As you can see the Crayluminati has already begun to conspire by corrupting the world's most important money, WWEF cash. Earlier in the decade Crayo did the same thing with American economy. Britanica who was once an on the upper class of the economy, now struggles to make ends meat and had to sell all 13 of her children to Seabs. It was found out today that Seabs is also a part of the Crayluminati.

    Seabs takes these orphans and forces them to work in Xanth's private buffet. There are stories of what happens to those children when Xanth runs out of food at the buffet...some children are without limbs.

    Anyway back to the celebration. Tonight Crayo plans to sacrifice the user with the highest post count, which is why Lacky has been missing this entire month because he is currently being held captive. When they sacrifice him tonight they will fully resurrect the ghost of Rick Rude which has currently taken over Cody Rhodes' body *see mustache.

    Once Rick Rude returns he will scar the minds of many of today's PG fans who have never seen a grown man pelvic thrust. This will cause the children to question their morals and revolt in greatest revolution since Gohan learning what the caps lock button does.

    With the world in flames the Crayluminati will finally be able to step in and take over the countries with eradicated governments and finally dominate the world.

    So once again, happy 1 year anniversary WWE Forums :upset:
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  2. I'm literally crying.

    The award for best thread of the year goes to you my friend.
  3. Not while the United States Champion is here :tough:
  4. Tis true. Had to sell my 13 kids to Seabs for $0.02 each. :sad:


  5. Dean Craybrose

    Seab Rollins

    Romanth Reigns
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