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Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Dec 17, 2012.

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    Today is the one-year anniversary of WWE Forums. For those smart-asses that say it's the 16th, you're technically right, but the forums were made in the late hours of the 16th, but we launched the forums on the 17th, so this is what I see as the one-year anniversary.

    It is quite amazing that a one-year old forum consists of over 328,000 posts and nearly 3,000 members, the growth rate of the forum has been quite abnormal but I'm incredibly happy about that. But the statistics literally mean nothing to me, what I actually love most about WWE Forums is the community we have established. My goal (as older members will member) was to create a flame-free environment for wrestling fans and build a community instead of the traditional hate-filled wrestling forums where smarks just rip into each others opinion constantly, and I believe we have succeeded..

    Everyone gets on with everyone pretty much, and the few niggles we go through are quickly ironed out, the friendly atmosphere and banter (UK word) make browsing thoroughly enjoyable. Even one year after I still enjoy logging in and reading through the serious HQ wrestling posts all the way through to the threads filled with hate messages aimed at me, it's great. Now I was meant to have an awards-voting link to end this thread with to announce the end of the year award, but it's not quite ready yet and I need to wait until someone comes online, but that will be coming. The voting will end on the 1st of January where I will announce the winners, you will all be notified when the award page is ready.

    Back on topic though, thanks to everyone who comes on here and contributes to the site. I'm amazed at how many of you genuinely care about this forum enough to contribute the way you do, whether it's lots of posts, referrals, donations or anything else, it's remarkable and does mean a lot. It's probably a good time to announce that I will be creating a hall-of-fame for those legendary members who need to be recognised, that will be coming probably in the new year too, I'm still relatively undecided on how to approach it but I'll work on it.

    Thanks guys <3, let's make it two years.
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  2. Damn, to think 1 year ago this all started, and to look now where we have gotten to is unbelieveable. First it shows a great amount about your webmastering ability, which I must say (even as an outsider looking in) has improved a lot over the course of the year. But it also shows what a family we've built here, that members do join frequently and nine times out of ten they do want to stay, so credit to you!

    Now some thanks to you of course Crayo, Xanth (he does actually work, even if it doesn't seem like it!), Seabs, Anonymous, Solidus, Stopspot, Big Hoss Rambler, Matt (Miss you man :emoji_heart_eyes:, FTJ (Best user on the site) and to everyone else who has contributed just one post to the forum, you all played a part in making the site what it is today.

    So thank you.
  3. Yay congrats to WF. Glad to be a part of this community. Remarkable achievements for a year old forum.
  4. Let's have some cake. congrats to the site. Go team.
  5. Congrats to all the original members and the site for your 1 year anniversary! I'm hoping to be around for all the next ones.:otunga:
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  6. Congratz, people!

    Let's keep up the good work.

  7. Congrats to WF. Here's to another year. :lol1:
  8. Yeah, when we first started the site I said to Crayo that it wouldn't go anywhere, but I stuck along for the ride anyway. Pretty glad that I did. I've met a lot of new people, good and bad(R'albin), but they've all contributed in some way or another in making the site what it is today. This is probably my longest post on here because I'm a lazy fat bastard.

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    FYI, I made that cake.
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  9. And the only memory we have is a photo..

    You just couldn't share. :bury:

  10. [size=xx-small]I want to hurt Aiden[/size]

    Congrats on the year, wish I could have been here earlier.

  11. Congrats on the year guys. Its a great achievement and this is truly a good place to waste so much time and have a laugh. Plus get to discuss wrestling what more do we need. To everyone involved in running the site keep up the good work u do a great job an to all the posters congrats an its been great to waffle with u all.
  12. Congrats WF and Crayo for 1 FULL YEAR OF WF! Hope that many more!
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  13. MarkyMarkin'

    Stone Cold says congrats on the 1 year :finger:
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  14. It really is fantastic how this place has come together to become so great. I think the main thing for me is that as soon as you arrive here you feel welcomed, you don't have to try fit into cliques or whatever, which is really unusual for me as any other forums (especially wrestling ones) that I've ever been on have felt that way.

    Congrats to Crayo, Anon, Hoss, Solidus and all the active members on making this place as good as it is despite having to carry the burden that is Xanth. As I said in my first post, can't wait to see this site grow and help contribute to that.


    P.S Just noticed when checking previous edits that this site has a speech impediment.

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  15. One Year :yay:

    I've only been here since September but I have enjoyed it completely. You guys run a great forum. :obama:
  16. Yeah congratulations, now let's push on for a second no complacency :tough:
  17. You said this was gonna be emotional. :tough:

    But any who, congratulations to WWEForums on being such a huge success within one year.

    I also wanna thank Crayo and Seabs for posting early on.
    One of the reasons I stayed here.
  18. Good post. Good luck with the new year crayo
  19. Congratz, hopefully we'll be able to get the second year.

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    Unless Crayluminati fucking ends the world :finger: @[Dat Kid From Jersey]
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