10/8 IMPACT Discussion: Tag Title Series Ends

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    - Bobby Roode continues to look for answers from Lashley in regards to his World Title challenge

    - James Storm & Great Sanada vs. Low Ki & Tigre Uno in a tag team match

    - Bram vs. Samuel Shaw in a No DQ match
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  2. This is gonna be soooo good! Will watch it tomorrow or whenever it's uploaded on the main website.

    Aww, Titty Terrell is just plain gorgeous! <3
  3. Might catch it live tonight.
  4. Honestly I cannot wait to see the Tag Championship Series conclusion later on. It will be a historic match, I hope.

    The other tag match also has me really intrigued, should be fun.

  5. Hey there pig fucker
  6. Taryn Tits AND Cleo? The champ is here.
  7. @GrammarNazi82 Bobby Roode is on tonight, and so is A double....your coming to this live discussion amiright bro bud?
  8. Bobby Rooooo, let's go.
  9. vip box isnt working, someone hit up a link for me?
  10. nm i got it. ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  11. Taryn > all.
  12. I was just getting on here to say somewhere Aids is getting a hard-on knowing Taryn just came out.
  13. Knock, Knock niggas.

    Big Oven Sanchez is in da mix! Burr Burr Burr Burr Burrrrr!
  14. @Aids Johnson should be here more often. Apparently when he's here it's an actual live thread.
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  15. @Testify would be here but his mom is out turning tricks and someone has to watch out for her.

    Oh GN I'm here. Taryn is on.
  16. Hey there Cherry Pie
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  17. Lol, TNA spoiling it in a commercial directly before returning.
  18. [​IMG]

    My grass snake wants some, because she's got buns son.
  19. You haven't seen any of her 1000 Playboy appearances? Weak.
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