10/8 RAW Breakdown

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    Terrible ratings even with Vince being back but he did brought a lot of viewers back. Almost every other segments besides Vince on it, lost viewers. Is Vince gonna have to appear on every show to get ratings/viewership up now?
  3. I have absolutely no idea. Although if Punk doesn't decide who he's versing at HIAC. Mr McMahon will be making the decision so I assume he'll be on TV for that.
  4. Good ratings for a 2 hour show, but because it's 3 hours it's 2.8, bad bad stuff.
  5. Indeed, It's been reported online that McMahon isn't a fan of the 3 hour show already. Don't think it will be long till 2 hours is resumed.
  6. Facing sounds better than versing.
  7. If he's cracking up, surely this means....
  9. Can he change it back whenever he wants?
  10. He can but he's getting more money for 3 hours.
  11. I'm not sure, Surely he would have to consult the executives at what channel it's aired on. As they've probably signed a contract of some kind.
  12. I did think the Vince/Punk segment would get pretty insane ratings, however it's hardly a long term fix.
  13. They also have to talk it over with USA network. The network will need something to fill up the 1 hour.
  14. Yarp. Wouldn't be a quick fix overnight that's for sure.
  15. 1.23m wanted to see Vince/Punk. Lmao.
    I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be Vince/Punk at HIAC, and Punk mauled him, writing Vince off TV again.
  16. No, he couldn't just change it back whenever he wanted. I'm pretty sure they signed some contracts. If not, that's stupid.
  17. If they are going to have Brodus dance with an imaginary person, at least let him beat someone up while he is in the ring.
  18. He was supposed to fight, but then Vince found out the NFL was on a rain delay, so he wanted to go out then to draw a bigger rating.
  19. Anyone think we'll see Vince against next week?
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