Survivor Series 10 Big Shocks That Could Happen

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  1. Read the source for the explanations on each one.

    10. Additions To The Kane And Undertaker Match
    9. Paige Becomes Divas Champion
    8. Sting?
    7. A New WWE Champion Not Called Roman Reigns
    6. A Money In The Bank Cash-In
    5. Brock Lesnar
    4. The Undertaker Loses
    3. A Dean Ambrose Or Roman Reigns Heel Turn
    2. Seth Rollins Returns
    1. John Cena Returns


    Thoughts on these possible "shocks" ?
  2. I think Undertaker will lose. But its gonna be Kane who eats the pinfall. That big red jobber.
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  3. [​IMG]
  4. Also that Grahame Herbert guy who wrote that article is garbage. Him and Marcus K Dowling are the worst writers on WhatCulture, all their articles are terrible.
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  5. No offense, those shocks suck
  6. Not mine lol
  7. 10. I've actually been bouncing off that idea in my head for a while now. It was announced on that there would be a traditional 5-on-5 SS elimination match. So, it might as well be an impromptu SS match. Whether it's a 4-on-4 or a 5-on-5, it'll be a-okay with me.

    9. Not like I'd care. I've lost pretty much all interest in their #DivasRevolution. Hope they push Sasha Banks soon, so I can get back into it.

    8. No, thank you.

    7. I'd be fine with it, as I've said a million times already. Whether it's Reigns or Ambrose, it'll be cool with me.

    6. Why not? As long as it's not a successful one. :bodallas:


    4. It wouldn't surprise me, but I doubt it'll happen, seeing as how the event itself is being advertised as 25 Years of The Undertaker. There's nothing even remotely interesting to this feud, it should end at Survivor Series... And the Brothers of Destruction should move on to a bigger threat, The Bellas.

    3. Please and thank you!

    2. Nope, not happening. I mean, he could show up via satellite and give us an update on his health, but him being involved in storylines should not be happening. The man is out for the next 6-9 months, let him heal.

    1. Well, that wouldn't be shocking.
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  9. Hmmm... Triple H comes out after Reigns wins and says he's not done and introduces Brock Lesnar to win the title again? HELL YEAH!!!!!!
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