10 colossal challenges for Big Show to conquer!

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  1. 10 colossal challenges for Big Show to conquer!


    The stage is set for a clash of sheer brutality, when the mighty Big Show challenges World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus at WWE Hell in a Cell. However, in addition to setting his sights on the coveted title, the gigantic No. 1 contender will be looking to erase the “embarrassment” of losing the World Title after only 45 second last year and then watching Daniel Bryan — the Superstar who defeated him — fall to The Great White at WrestleMania in 18 seconds.

    But, what does The World’s Largest Athlete really have to prove? In addition to capturing the World Heavyweight Title, the accomplished colossus has won the WWE Championship twice — as well as every currently active championship available to him in WWE. Moreover, he continues to strike fear in the hearts of the locker room week after week and demands the respect of anyone that stands in his enormous shadow … which is pretty much everybody. What more could he possibly have to do?

    Well, always looking to add a helping hand, WWE.com offers 10 suggestions of things Big Show could do in addition to recapturing the World Title. 

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  2. why whould he be world heavyweight champion ????
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