10 former Superstars who Heath Slater can defeat

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  1. 10 former Superstars who Heath Slater can defeat


    He's The One-Man Band, baby! And he doesn't care what any of the past WWE Superstars think about him.

    Over the last several weeks, Heath Slater has tussled with a veritable who's who of WWE Legends – Vader, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Sycho Sid, Doink the Clown and Diamond Dallas Page. Even though he's only gotten the best of Doink on Raw SuperShow, Slater continues to beat his own drum and welcomes all challenges. As we wait to find out which other former Superstars will make their comebacks, WWE.com takes a look at 10 options to send The One-Man Band marching in the right direction in the win column.

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