10 Great Streaks That Came To An End

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  1. I was just browsing through WWE website and found this article abou the 10 great streaks that came to end end.


    It has some good ones and most of them I never heard of it. Lots of long term champion belt held. Obviously, I hope you guys can just tell what's the first one.

    I think some of them are a bit exaggerated.
  2. Obvs that Goldberg would be no1 well until Taker is retired undefeated at WM.

    Almost certain that Goldbergs is exaggerated slightly though.
  3. I still remember when TAZ debuted and ended Kurt angles streak
  4. OMG epic moment as I used to love ECW and was a massive Tazz mark!
  5. Tazz was so underused.
  6. Yes so true

    Still really wish he'd achieved more in WWE.

    I do like him on commentary though.
  7. Wasn't his neck too fucked to do anything major at that point?
  8. Yeah I think it was mate can't remember when he did it I know he injured it in ECW at one point but then came back. But yeah by this point the constant toll on his neck probs wasn't worth the risk of him continuing to wrestle.
  9. Especially with his style, those suplexs have to take their toll.
  10. Human Suplex Machine!
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