10 moments when “Yes” could have been “No” in WWE history

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  1. 10 moments when “Yes” could have been “No” in WWE history


    The power of positive thinking has put Daniel Bryan in a tough spot lately.

    The vegan grappler used to let out a confident “Yes!” to mark his many triumphs in the ring, but his contagious battle cry has caught on in the WWE Universe and left Bryan convinced he’s being mocked. Now, the bearded battler hears the WWE Universe’s copycat “Yes!” chants and instead chooses to cut off their agreeable calls with some negative reinforcement.

    Of course, reaching the point of “No!” returns could lead the stubborn Bryan to some unintended consequences. From finding true love to fighting for a World Title, the power of “Yes!” tends to open a lot of doors in WWE. A Superstar can’t accept any challenge without responding in the affirmative to the invitation, right?

    As proof of what Bryan could miss out on while ramping up his “No!” campaign, consider these 10 moments from WWE history in which accentuating the negative would have destroyed any chance of a Superstar realizing a positive outcome.

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