10 Places to Visit Before They're Gone

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by GrammarNazi82, Mar 30, 2015.

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  1. Kinda' sad but interesting all at the same time. Here's an infographic about 10 places to go see/visit before they're gone.


    You can click the image to see an enlarged, more readable version. It includes such places as Venice and the Taj Mahal.
  2. Don't worry when we've mastered VR and have some function to feel/touch it will be fine.

    In a serious note yh those facts are alarming and sad to hear all at once.
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  3. Those places are awesome! Wish I had the money to go visit all of 'em, though...
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  4. I know, right?
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  5. I would go to the Taj Mahal but I don't touch India, therefore, that's ruled out. Also, I don't really think you can 'visit' the Great Barrier Reef since Australia has a preserve order on it. Therefore no one can do anything with it.
  6. Madagascar and The Alps to be "gone" in my lifetime, wtf! :mog:
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