10 Superstars who put the 'W' in WWE

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  1. Pretty good list. I would have preferred an all-time list though, not just a list of guys currently on the roster. Would make it less limited.

    Also, May 26th, 2013?
  2. If anyone is lazy to click:
    10. Chris Jericho
    9. Natalya
    8. Tyson Kidd
    7. Cody Rhodes
    6. Dolph Ziggler
    5. Antonio Cesaro
    4. William Regal
    3. Brock Lesnar
    2. CM Punk
    1. Daniel Bryan
  3. Very interesting that they put Natalya and Tyson Kidd on the list. Natalya is rarely ever used as a wrestler. Kidd is hurt now, but was rarely ever used before the injury.
  4. Very surprising. Since it's WWE.com, I was expecting Cena and Sheamus at the top of the list.
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  5. Where is Undertaker, Edge, Batista, Cena, etc.????
  6. I agree with 7 of the 10. Great to see Regal there.
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  7. Cena? I think there's a reason he's not in there.
  8. We may hate on Cena but you cant deny he has helped put the W in WWE over the years.
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  9. Don't see why they would include Bork considering his current run and how the matches are.
  10. This list was about technical wrestling. Cena is right where he belongs on the list.
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  11. I'm already a big Cena fan but I don't necessarily think he should of surpassed anyone on that list, I thought it was well ordered.
  12. What's the reason? He is a great in the ring... I don't like the list at all.
    Exactly. The list is not good at all. Kane should be there too.
  13. One good thing I like about the article, it mentions that Daniel Bryan was calling himself the Best in the World before Punk and Jericho. Don't know why, just interesting for WWE.com to post a list such as this :hmm:
  14. Technical ability ah ok.
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Ok then where's Wade Barrett?
  17. I think this is the best list WWE.com has made ever. Kane isn't as technical as anybody on this list, nor is Cena. Not saying they're bad at all, but these are very technical wrestlers, and I just don't think Kane nor Cena has the style of any of these wrestlers.
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  18. Not on the list, right where he belongs? If we want to complain about good wrestlers being left off why not Swagger, Del Rio or Christian. These guys all have more technical ability

    WB works typical WWE brawling style of matches.
  19. That's what I mean.
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