10 Superstars who would make for a good General Manager

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  1. 10 Superstars who would make for a good General Manager


    As the WWE Universe eagerly awaits the announcement of the permanent General Manager of Raw and SmackDown – which occurs on the historic 1,000th episode of Raw SuperShow July 23 at 8/7 CT on USA Network – several candidates have already tried their hand at one of the premier jobs in sports-entertainment.

    In recent weeks, Mick Foley, Vickie Guerrero and Theodore Long have all had a shot as Interim GM, with varying results. There have been unique match stipulations, surprise title defenses and shocking upsets. In fact, one of those upsets will result in a “temporary promotion” for a certain Long Island, N.Y., resident.

    By winning the Great American Bash 20-Man Battle Royal on SuperSmackDown LIVE July 3, Zack Ryder will be Interim SmackDown GM on the July 13 episode. The Long Island Iced-Z will be standing in for one episode, but can a current Superstar successfully fill the General Manager role, as a sort of “Player/Manager”? Superstars from the past like Kurt Angle, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Sgt. Slaughter have done it, but what current Superstars might be up to the job?

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  2. Jericho
    Big Show
    Zack Ryder
    John Cena
    Booker T
    CM Punk
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