"10 thing we want to see in 2016"

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Jan 2, 2016.

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    10 things we want to see in 2016

    I got a kick out of this list since wwe.com made it and not some fan boy journalist. I put my thought down below, what are yours?

    #10 Triple H wins the new Grand Slam by winning the U.S. Championship

    #9 A Diva wins a male championship
    #8 A Superstar wins the Royal Rumble Match in his Rumble debut
    #7 Dean Ambrose breaks an Intercontinental Championship drought
    #6 A Hall of Fame Diva returns to the ring
    #5 The Undertaker competes in a Casket Match
    #4 A woman joins The Wyatt Family
    #3 WWE World Heavyweight Champion vs. NXT Champion
    #2 Roman Reigns teams with The Rock
    #1 John Cena clinches his 16th World Championship

    10- If they booked it right I could get behind but I don't see it happening since Cena is in the US title scene now. It would be interesting if HHH turned against Del Rio for not being a good enough member for LON and took his belt. But also Triple H doesn't really compete anymore so I don't see a reason for him to hold any title.

    9- I don't think the Divas should be competing against male champions. It's going to make who ever that male competitor extremely weak for good when they lose. I definitely don't see it happening with PG programming, and them not wanting to portray men hitting females. It was somewhat believable with Chyna being IC champion, but only because she looked like a dude lol.

    8- The only person who could do this would be Kevin Owens, or maybe Finn Balor if they made him a surprise entrant. But I find it very unlikely that either of them would get that kind of rub yet.

    7- I mean I guess it would be cool, its kind of saying Ambrose is gonna be solid mid card forever though which I think he deserves more. He deserves at least 1 World Title run.

    6- Im not even sure what Divas are in the Hall of Fame, but to me once you're in, you're in and your wrestling career should just end there.

    5- I would like to see 1 more Casket match with Taker. They are always fun. Just not against Bray Wyatt (unless he would finally go over). Strowman would be more acceptable, but he's still boring. It would just be interesting to watch Taker try to put his big ass in a Casket. Baron Corbin would be a good opponent for this, especially for 1 of his first main event rubs on the main roster. Kevin Owens would be perfect though, especially for a Wrestlemania match.

    4- I think this would be cool. Idk who would make a good Sister Abigail. I seen Bray Wyatt has a creepy sister that looks like him so that would make sense. No female in NXT or WWE really fits the persona though.

    3- This should definitely happen. I even said during Survivor Series they should of made it NXT vs WWE for the 5 on 5 but you might as well add the Champion vs Champion match on the card too.

    2- I think this would be fun. I think that The Rock is going to help Reigns overcome the Authority/LON at Royal Rumble or Fastlane to help him get to the Main Event at Wrestlemania. I don't think The Rock has enough time for a tag match with Reigns though but it would still be cool if it happened.

    1- At this point just let him have it lol. I just hope they book it the right way. A heel turn would be awesome. Or him winning and someone cashes in as soon as he becomes champion would be funny too. Then he could try to become 17 time champion lol.
  2. So, is this WWE.com spoiling these 10 things that WILL happen this year? :smirk2:
  3. Nia can be in Wyatts maybe? She may fit? BUT NO THE ANOAI LEGACY.
  4. 10. If ego were to prevail, I’d say there’s a reasonable chance this could happen but not in the very near future. For one, Cena is back in the picture regarding the belt and HHH is already “occupied” with the Roman Reigns storyline and their potential matchup, either at the Rumble or Mania so like I said, chances are fair but not any time soon…

    9. Totally agree with stonecoldsamadams’s on this one and there’s no need to add anything else to it.

    8. The obvious name that pops up is KO but my take is that WWE creative will use the Rumble to continue the current storyline of Owens. In other words, I’m thinking that Owens will get eliminated, once again frustrated and then go after whoever eliminated him; given that it definitely won’t be any random guy, it could very well set up a big Wrestlemania match. So if this is indeed the case, can’t really see any other debutant doing it, not this year with so much at stake at Wrestlemania and the attendance record on the line. They need a big name for the main event so can’t see WWE taking any risks this year.

    7. Well, he already did it once with the US title so why not?

    6. The majority here would probably call for Trish Stratus on this one but my personal favorite was always Lita which, in a way, could make more sense if the Hardy’z were also to return as is being speculated these days. Worth to be noted though and despite not in the Hall of Fame, Victoria is the name mostly rumored about regarding a return…

    5. I think chances are we’ll get to see it; not for Wrestlemania, but we’ll see it…

    4. In #6 I mentioned the rumors regarding Victoria and one of the scenarios in which her name is linked is actually this one and given she portrayed that psycho persona once, perhaps she could be considered a good fit for the role. On the other hand, isn’t Sister Abigail supposed to be dead and just some entity that Wyatt communicates with?

    3. Absolutely…

    2. Yeah, sure, why not?

    1. We all know it's bound to happen but I see this as a better possibility for some time in 2017. The Roman Empire is the main focus nowadays and Cena is already in the US title picture so, yeah, not yet plus I'm not so sure the majority of the fans are readty to accept it...
  5. 1. Triple h win the US Title by answering John cenas open challenge. I want this at a PPV
    2. KO gets into the title picture, hopefully beating Roman. I want him to end Romans reigns as of now in 2016.
    3. Seth Rollins turns face and feuds with triple h for a bit.
    4. Brock battles the rock.
    5. Roman has good solid feuds with guys like KO and Seth.
    6. Let Dean keep the IC title credible.
    7. DB returns and fights Brock.
    8. Bray Wyatt actually becomes the new phenom.
    9. Cesaro wins MITB.
    10. Raw gets better.
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  6. lol
    I'm trying to be optimistic
  7. 1. Steve Austin returns for one final match at Wrestlemania 32 (yeah, not happening... But a man can dream.)

    2. Brock Lesnar enters the Royal Rumble (virtually a guarantee now that it's for the championship.)

    3. The Authority angle finally ends.

    4. Daniel Bryan is cleared to compete and returns to in-ring action, He doesn't have to be inserted back into the world title picture either - being honest, I think he generally works better as an upper-midcarder anyway - I'd just like to see him back period.

    5. Seth Rollins returns as a a babyface and feuds with Triple H.

    6. Kevin Owens gets the rocket strapped to his back and receives a main event push... Maybe is even the one to dethrone Roman Reigns of the championship by year's end (even if Reigns ends up losing the title at the Rumble, we know he'll just get it back at Wrestlemania anyhow.)

    7. Sasha Banks breaks away from Team Bad and wins the Diva's Championship by the end of the year.

    8. The Undertaker retires at Wrestlemania 32. Taker is one of my all-time favorites, but I feel this year's Mania in front of his home crowd (and a crowd that WWE wants to be their largest ever) is the best atmosphere for him to bow out in. He's reached the landmark number of being in the company for 25 years and after exhausting a feud with the man who took his Streak as well as the modern-day boogeymen Bray Wyatt, there isn't anything left for him to do other than maybe a match with John Cena.

    9. Bray Wyatt actually becomes more of the menacing figure that he's talked about being for the last two and a half years. That means winning whatever his Wrestlemania program is for once, coming out victorious in a couple of other big feuds throughout the rest of the year, and maybe/hopefully taking a an established babyface and brainwashing them into his Family. The latter is certainly something that needs to happen in order to show there's actual might behind Bray's words. They considered doing this with Adam Rose several months ago but for some reason backed out of it. I also agree with the above article that adding a woman to the Family would be pretty unique as well and give the group more potpourri.

    10. Either Dean Ambrose or Roman Reigns turn heel. Both would be better as heels imo, but turning both would be a huge mistake considering there'd be interest in a bro vs bro feud between them. I'd prefer Roman personally, since Ambrose seems to be the most organically over of the two and Reigns' superman push clearly isn't working.
  8. 1. Daniel Bryan will return to the Intercontinental Title scene to elevate the belt with Ambrose and lift up Smackdown like he was trying to do before

    2.Undertaker will retire

    4.Finn Balor will debut after Wrestlemania 32 and will make a major impact

    5.Wyatt Family finally gets somewhere, possibly MITB

    6.Kevin Owens will face Brock Lesnar and win, he will be next in line for the WWEWHC

    7.New Day captures a singles title and shares it

    8.Bayley gets called up

    9.Cesaro returns and is finally pushed

    10.Seth Rollins returns, turns face, wins back WWE title and will feud with KO because that is money right there
  9. lol Forgot a number...
  10. 4.Big Show will retire
  11. 3! God dammit
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