Royal Rumble 10 Things WWE Must Do At Royal Rumble 2016

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Neptune, Dec 20, 2015.

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    10. Make It A Four Hour Show

    Really, on WWE Network, every special show is already four hours. It is just that WWE book the first hour as a “pre-show”, with a ratio of forty minutes talking and video packages to twenty minutes of wrestling action. For SummerSlam 2015, WWE took the step to outright make that event an official four hours. It is something they should also do for Royal Rumble 2016, as the Rumble, WrestleMania and SummerSlam are the holy trinity of pro wrestling specials and deserve equal treatment. Plus, the Royal Rumble match is an hour in itself. That can sometimes mean an underdeveloped undercard. How many times in the past have we seen the pre-Rumble matches rushed because WWE need to allocate sixty minutes to it? By making the show four hours, it will give them time for a typical special card, with the Rumble match on top of it. Making this change worked out well for SummerSlam, and can be a neat promotional sell for the “biggest Rumble event ever”.

    9. Make Charlotte Vs. Becky Lynch A Twenty Minute Match

    A benefit of having a longer show is that matches like the Divas Title bout can have time to properly develop. In the past, this sort of bout would have been limited to a five minute (or less) window. With Charlotte and Becky Lynch, they definitely need (and deserve) the extra time in order to truly showcase their talents. It looks like this is the match that WWE are building towards, with constant friction between the two women and an increasingly heelish Charlotte indicating that it is on the cards. The title match should be made for the Rumble, with Charlotte defending her strap against the highly skilled Becky. This will no doubt be the best match since the Raw Divas Revolution began, as both women are a cut above the likes of Paige and Nikki Bella. Given time, they’ll have a classic. As for the result, Charlotte should retain, building towards a big match with Sasha Banks at WrestleMania 32.

    8. The Usos Become Tag Team Champions By Beating The New Day

    The New Day have enjoyed a good run, but if you strip back the comedy and mark-baiting, you can see that they aren’t at the level of The Usos. Jey and Jimmy are the best team in WWE, a fine pair of wrestlers, and it is only a matter of time before they are restored to the top of the tag division. They are well-liked behind the scenes, have solid merchandise sales, and a main event connection with Roman Reigns. Getting the belts on them opens up the possibility of more matches with The New Day, perhaps even as far down the line as WrestleMania. The biggest problem for The New Day is that a longer reign really doesn’t leave them much development opportunity, and only a switch can really keep things interesting. At Royal Rumble, The Usos must win the tag titles.

    7. Dean Ambrose And Kevin Owens In A Street Fight For The Intercontinental Title

    Dean Ambrose versus Kevin Owens is the kind of feud that fans will hope runs for a long time, as the pair are so talented in the ring and will continually produce solid matches. At Royal Rumble, it would be nice to see them put into the street fight environment in a rematch for the Intercontinental Title. They’d match up well in an anything-goes match. Owens is seething at losing the belt to Ambrose and no doubt wants to make him suffer, so a big stipulation like a street fight is needed. Both men could have a lot of fun with weapons added to the mix and the crowd will no doubt be hot for the action. It is possible that Dolph Ziggler also gets added to the bout, creating a triple threat scenario. But why dilute the Ambrose/Owens focus? WWE should keep it as a one on one, allowing this entertaining feud to further flourish. Plus, Ziggler is far better utilised as a Rumble entrant.

    6. Daniel Bryan Returns

    The status of Daniel Bryan is a continuing mystery, and this point will largely depend on circumstance, but if he is fit and able to return, then the Royal Rumble is the perfect spot to execute his comeback. He should be the shock number two entrant. Have a heel enter at number one (perhaps Sheamus), and then after a long pause in the ring, suddenly Bryan’s music hits, creating one of the biggest pops of the night. It would be a sensational moment. Entering him early also gives WWE plenty of time to get him out of there, avoiding disappointment in the closing stages of the match. There’s no way he’s winning, as he’s too much of a physical liability, so eliminating him after twenty minutes is the right thing to do. He can make his comeback, have a good showing and then lose in a way that sets up his first comeback programme.

    5. The Undertaker Features In The Rumble

    The Undertaker is going to be a major player in the WrestleMania 32 build and needs to show his face at the Rumble. In the past, he hasn’t featured on television until closer to the show, sometimes only passing the physical in the month before the grand event. But in the last year he has demonstrated a remarkable level of fitness and durability, working multiple shows and performing to a top standard. On that evidence, he should be ready for an extended role in the build to Mania 32. That role should begin with a spot in the Royal Rumble match, a match he won in 2007. He should be a shock entrant, coming in as one of the final ten, and WWE should tease him winning the whole thing. It would be a great story, the Deadman almost going to WrestleMania in his home state as the number one contender to the WWE World Heavyweight Title, only to be robbed of the moment by an opponent in the closing stages. That then sets up a co-main event match for him at ‘Mania. Right now, the rumours are John Cena or Braun Strowman, so it would be one of them eliminating Taker, who then naturally goes after revenge. Easy.

    4. NXT Debuts

    The Royal Rumble is always a great place to debut new talent, and there’s a whole host of NXT wrestlers ready for the call-up this January. In fact, there’s so many NXT stars capable of the main roster, that two or three of them should be utilised in the Rumble. At least one of these wrestlers should then be a main roster guy going forward, while the other debutants could be doing a one night appearance to get a flavour for the big leagues. Sami Zayn should be the guy who appears in the Rumble then gets a full-time main roster gig off the back of it. He’s been in NXT a long time and has done everything possible. It is now time for him to come to the main roster and continue his feud with Kevin Owens, which would undoubtedly make a sensational WrestleMania match, should WWE choose to go that route. As for the other NXT stars in the Rumble, Finn Balor should be one of them. He’s a major star and deserves the opportunity to get a taste of the bright lights of the Rumble. As for the third guy getting a shot of the action, how about Samoa Joe? That’d be sure to get a hell of a reaction from at least a certain section of the audience.

    3. Alberto Del Rio Vs. John Cena

    Before John Cena left to go on his hiatus, Alberto Del Rio defeated him for the United States title. In coming back, it only makes sense that the Cenation leader looks to avenge the loss in a rematch. It will be a fantastic wrestling match, since Del Rio is one of the best in-ring workers in the company and Cena can be spectacular on his day. Given the suggestion that the show could be four hours, they’d have plenty of time to create something really special. With twenty-five minutes they could produce a match of the year contender, no doubt about it. As for who wins, Cena doesn’t need the US Title anymore. A screwy finish should cover for him losing, and he can then move on to something bigger, possibly a match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32.

    2. Roman Reigns Vs. Triple H

    Roman Reigns versus Triple H is happening at some point, that much is obvious. Dave Meltzer believes it will go down at either Royal Rumble or WrestleMania. Clearly, this is a match that needs to happen on a major show. If the match is being saved for Mania, Reigns would probably face Sheamus at the Rumble, with Hunter costing him the title to set up the next chapter in the narrative. But after the reaction to Reigns this week, WWE may rethink such an idea. The guy is over and his conflict with Triple H is red hot. Booking the Triple H match for January would be a far bolder and more interesting way to go, acting on what’s hot now, rather than dragging the animosity out for four months. It would give Reigns a big win, hopefully further getting him over and allowing him to move forward as Champion to an even bigger match at WrestleMania…

    1. Brock Lesnar Wins The Royal Rumble

    The winner of the Royal Rumble should be Brock Lesnar. It sets up a huge rematch, Lesnar versus Reigns 2, at WrestleMania. It would be the chance for WWE to finally book what was meant to happen a year ago, with the Big Dog going over The Beast. Even if that it isn’t the case, say it is Reigns versus Triple H at Mania, that probably means Sheamus wins the belt at Royal Rumble, so Lesnar winning the Rumble match still makes sense. He can then go in as the babyface contender and win the belt at ‘Mania, destroying Sheamus in the main event. You have to give it to the Irishman, he’s a very effective heel, so it wouldn’t be that bad of an idea. Brock is the kind of wrestler who works quickly, so have him enter at number thirty and destroy the final five guys left in the match. Lesnar cleans house, poses at the top of the ropes and points to the WrestleMania sign, as the crowd cheers his return to the ‘Mania main event. With the bookmaker odds making Brock the heavy favourite to win the Rumble match, it looks like WWE will be going down this route. They’d be fools not to.

  2. I'd love to see a final three of Taker, Lesnar & Daniel Bryan.
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  3. Brock throwing out Undertaker for the win lolol What a troll move by the wwe and I would LOVE it. haha
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  4. That actually already happened in 2003 when Brock won the rumble.

    Also The Uso beating New Day for the titles? Helllll naahh
  5. I forgot about that haha and yeah I am torn on that. I mean I like The Lucha Dragons the most so whatever causes them to have the titles I am all for. New Day is okay but they are becoming stale. It is best not to over-do them into the dirt.
  6. The Lucha Dragons deserve the belts more than the Usos. Although the Usos would probably get them since Roman Reigns is WWE champion
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  7. I didn't even think of it like that. They do seem to fall into patterns like this though with family members.
  8. WhatCulture needs to start naming these articles "10 Things WWE Must, But Won't Do..." :smirk2:
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  9. Or... "10 immature things idiot teenagers want but mature WWE wont do"
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  10. Once we are closer to the event I'll put together the drinking game rules
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  11. I think WhatCulture will do it for us, too.

    We shall compare whose is tougher.
  12. How about a drink downed every 5 minutes when the fans turn on the show?
  13. Fans, as in members of this site? lol
  14. Drink for every mention of Chris Benoit winning in 2004 at #1
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. 10: No!

    9: Absolutely, but match time doesn't account for quality. Apparently Sasha vs Becky BLEW on Raw and got 15 minutes. If they have 20 minutes and the crowd is yawning, that's only hurting matters. It's great to have faith in them, but if they can't have a Takeover-quality match, then keep it under 8 minutes. And so far with the main roster...

    8: Disagree, but won't be too upset.

    7: Disagree, but ONLY because they don't need to be doing a Street Fight AND a Rumble in the same show. That's a great draw for Fast Lane, though!

    6: HELL NO! We desperately need Bryan back, but did this article seriously say you could have Daniel Bryan enter the Rumble early and get out of there before it becomes a problem? Did you WATCH last year's show?

    5: I'd be down with that! We don't need to ask for anything more from Taker at this point but what better way to set up the 'Mania match? It's better than just having a random dude call him out. Hell no on Brown Snowman, but John Cena eliminating Taker and revisiting the Maven spot? Sign me up!

    4: Maybe not just debuts, but a few surprise moments for some one-off appearances. Samoa Joe running in and killing dudes sounds GREAT, and as the article said Sami Zayn debuting to eliminate KO would be the perfect way to debut him. :emoji_slight_smile:

    3: Yes!

    2: Strike while the iron's hot. This match's appeal is right now, when Triple H returns, I can't wait. Give this 10 more weeks until 'Mania and it will cool off dramatically

    1: YES YES YES!!!!
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  18. 4 hours is way too long.
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  19. We just saw a four hour Summerslam event last year, so it's probably only a matter of time before we see a four hour Royal Rumble PPV as well. But seeing as how the world title match and the Royal Rumble match are both one in the same this year, now is the wrong time for it to happen. Ideally, they could have done this in 2011, since the Rumble that year was a 40-man Rumble and had two world titles being defended in the undercard on top of whatever other midcard shit was going on. Would have been easier and more convenient to stretch out a fourth hour then.
  20. My ideas:
    1.Bryan returns
    2.Reigns is eliminated halfway through by shocker, possibly McMahon making a distraction
    3.Sami Zayn enters
    4.Samoa Joe enters
    5.Dean Ambrose beats everyone to death with Kendo sticks in the rumble XD
    6.Brock Lesnar enters and gets ELIMINATED BY KEVIN OWENS
    7. Final 2 are Brock and KO until Steph interupts and introduces number 31, Triple H, KO takes out Brock, Brock helps Hunter, Hunter wins belt
    8. Daniel Bryan this time stays until number 30 is in to keep the crowd happy (if he is over as fuck as usual)
    9.Bray Wyatt is the only Wyatt to enter, at some point he will get help by the fam in a run in (in the usual Wyatt family way)
    10. Undertaker enters
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