10 Things You Should Not Share

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  1. 10 things you should not share on social networking sites...

    10.) Personal Conversations
    9.) Social Plans
    8.) Linking Sites
    7.) Company Information
    6.) Pictures of Your Children
    5.) Your Address/Phone Number
    4.) Personal Finance Info
    3.) Your Password (obvious)
    2.) Password Hints
    1.) Anything that you don't want shared...

    SOURCE (for a longer read n why)

    Would you add anything to the list?
  2. The ears already know.
  3. BLOOD ON THE LEAVES! :angry:
  4. A girl on her period in the forest with no tampons or toilet paper?
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  5. 1 covers 2-10 so what's the point in this list/thread
  6. Huh, I never would've guessed.
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  7. stealing my post
  8. I tend to just scroll past your posts when I see them and completely missed what you said.
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  9. was gonna say touche then realised im replyin to ya
  10. To piss you off, what else?
  11. it really is
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  12. Mission accomplished. Now to run Domino's into the ground.
  13. never gonna happen
  14. If it did/does, it will be the worst day of your life, I'd imagine. lolol
  15. 10 things you should share: Brit version
    10-2: Things she thinks you should share
    1: Things you should share.
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  16. You'd be surprised at what she can accomplish.
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  17. Just bring back this fucker [​IMG]
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  18. WRONG! :angry:

    -10 things you should share with Brit-
    10-1.) Your cats.
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  19. What does that N stand for again?
  20. *fixed :obama:
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