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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dat Kid, Sep 27, 2012.

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  1. Just list 10 things about yourself you'd like to share. I'll start

    1. Cellist
    2. Former Stand-Up Comic
    3. Filmmaker
    4. Single Player: Skyrim/ Multiplayer: Rock Band 3
    5. Started the "Yes" Chants at the last No Way Out
    6. I don't watch sports with the exception of the Superbowl
    7. Favorite Rock Band: Korn / Favorite Rapper: Kid Cudi
    8. Vegetarian (which is why El Nino will never eat a taco in a promo)
    9. Straight Edge is a lame term, but i am it. Don't drink soda either.
    10. My alternate identity is Howard Finkle
  2. 1. I don't eat/drink anything unhealthy
    2. I am straight edge, including no soda
    3. I help people lose weight
    4. I hate Apple (Company)
    5. I don't mind Justin Bieber's music
    6. I've had 3 Xbox's in my lifetime
    7. Moved 4 times in my life time
    8. Have two sisters
    9. Canadian
    10. I've done many illegal activities not including drugs
  3. 1. Played the piano
    2. Dancer and singer
    3. Actress
    4. People say I'm good at lying
    5. Started the wwerules_______lover23 template
    6. I don't watch sports
    7. I love 2000-2005 music
    8. I eat a lot
    9. Straight Edge is a lame term, but I am.
    10. My alter ego is named Hannah McHot.
  4. 1. I openly state that I am a believer and lover of God (+Jesus)
    2. I adore animals
    3. I don't drink alcohol, I actually hate it.
    4. I like basketball and football
    5. I am happily married! <3
    6. I don't drive (I am 24 =/)
    7. I'm Italian
    8. I enjoy playing video games (Love NBA 2k's & COD's)
    9. I loves me some Batman! haha
    10. I wear glasses, not always, but I am near-sided.
  5. 1. I love Ariana Grande.
    2. I like baseball, basketball, and football.
    3. I wear contacts.
    4. The only thing that makes me cry is the adopt an animal commercials.
    5. I love animals.
    6. I play Xbox Live.
    7. I really suck on Fifa unless its against the computer.
    8. I love Skyrim.
    9. I love Battlefield.
    10. I'm starting to hate Call of Duty
  6. 1. Love music
    2. Loves guitars
    3. Plays guitars
    4. Owns every single Guns N' Roses album
    5. Loves to study musicians
    6. Is interested in woman's wrestling
    7. Owns 14 Zelda games and 5 Zelda mangas as well as a Ocarina of Time replica :boss1:
    8. I have an afro again :yay:
    9. I've lived in California, Virginia, and Texas.
    10. I'm single (eat your heart out ladies :boss1: )

    Note to Crayo: Make a HBK smilie :finger:
  7. 1: I make awful music
    2: I play the trumpet, guitar and am now trying to learn the harmonica
    3: Every three or so years I tell myself I'm not going to buy the next Halo but I do anyway
    4: My 9 yo brother is a bigger wrestling fan than me. No, he isn't some John Cena liking crybaby, he actually watches it for the wrestling. He religiously watches WWE (including NXT and Superstars), TNA and ROH. His favourite wrestler right now is Samoa Joe and he remembers most of the entrances in order for royal rumbles.
    5. I'm still a massive Pokemon (game) fan at 19. No, I'm not gay, yes I do have a life and no I don't like Ponies.
    6. I'm Australian. However, I absolutely hate our culture. I hate Australias obsession for cars, I hate our stupid slang, and I absolutely fucking hate ACDC.
    7. I grew up listening to British bands. Zeppy, The Stones, The Who, etc. Doesn't mean I don't like todays music though. Infact, Arctic Monkeys and Cage The Elephant are among my top 10 bands.
    8. I'm an avid worshipper of Aerosmith. Well, there old music. I honestly believe the music they make nowadays is worse than most of the pop music we get now. With saying that though, I do say I like their new music just to get girls who like Aerosmith.
    9. I absolutely hate todays pop culture. Whether it be "le xD im a girl nerd cuz i like cowadooty and harry pooter!" or "NEW MUSIC SUX, I WISH MUSIC WAS MORE LIKE BACK IN THE DAY", I absolutely fucking hate it.
    10. I'm a pretty opinionated guy (shocker)
    11. I like Sheamus, fella
  8. Got any videos of you doing stand up?


    1. I listen to horrible music
    2. I love alcohol
    3. I've been a no lifer for the better part of the last two years
    4. I started watching wrestling again only about a year ago (give or take)
    5. I have an extremely addicting personality (I blame A.D.H.D)
    6. I love Dragonball and Dragonball Z
    7. I cannot stand most musical genres or music in general
    8. I love dark, macabre, unsettling stuff (whether it be music, books, movies, art etc)
    9. I am a very nice and friendly in person even though it may not seem like it
    10. I love puppies
  9. 1. I am a relligious person.
    2.I like George Carlin
    3.I like rap, rock and metal
    4. I'm Straightedge
    5. I hate Animes
    6. I dislike 9GAG
    7.I dislike the people that like 9GAG
    8.I am almost 6 ft tall
    9.I hate hipsters
    10.I hate SWAG
  10. Miraculously no one has ever recorded one of my shows. Guess that only happens for the big names :haha:
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