News 10 World Champions WWE Never Believed In

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by C.M. Shaddix, Feb 14, 2016.

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  1. 10 World Champions WWE Never Believed In

    10. Kane
    - one less than 24 WWF title reign, lost to Stone Cold, then a decent WH reign, lost to Edge at TLC 2010
    9. Chris Benoit
    - decent WH reign, lost to Orton in what was a green match in SS '04
    8. Eddie Guerrero
    - good WWE title reign, lost to JBL, flat way he lost it though
    7. Daniel Bryan
    - 1 WH title reign, lost to Sheamus in 18 seconds, 3 WWE title reigns but all pretty short, 1st one got screwed by Triple H, then again by Triple H, then got injured on the third
    6. Jeff Hardy
    - 1 WWE title, lasted a month, screwed by Brother, 2 WH reigns, 1st screwed by Punk, 2nd was clean to Punk
    5. Chris Jericho
    - weird case here, 1 WWE title reign, lost clean to Triple H, 3 WH reigns, 1st decent, lost to Batista but won it back instantly, then lost it to Cena, next one only had for a month until Swagger cashed in after Mania, he obviously had the 3rd one just to boost his rivalry with Edge
    4. CM Punk
    - thanks to Heyman we didn't see anything bad with him, 3 WH reigns, lost 1st to injury, lost 2nd clean to Hardy, lost 3rd clean to Taker, 2 WWE title reigns, lost 1st one to Del Rio when he cashed in, then of course had the legendary one year Reign until losing to Part Timer to Rock so he can promote Rock vs. Cena II
    3. Christian
    - Big Case, only 2 WH title reigns, lost 1st reign to Orton immediately on Smackdown, then so Vince can bury him just like in '05 he made him a heel, had him win the 2nd one by DQ, had Edge purposely turn on him and Orton instantly won it back.
    2. Jack Swagger
    -His fault actually, 1st one was stupid how he cashed in immediatley, LOST TO MYSTERIO (so that says a lot right there) he was gonna have a second but he got arrested for weed and the plans changed to Del Rio winning as punishment along side no mania entrance.
    1. Rey Mysterio
    -Number one by a long shot, 2 WH reigns, 1st Vince made sure he'll never be over again, lost every match, then somehow in 2010 got another Reign that only lasted a month until losing it to Kane who just won MITB. Then got a WWE title reign that he instantly lost to Cena, lol I almost forgot that one...

  2. Kane should have had at least 6 months between 99 and 02.
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  3. Foley could add to the list
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  4. Christian definitely deserved more than what he got.

    And it's a shame DB's WWE-WHC reigns were all rather short.
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  5. I'm surprised Daniel Bryan was on this list.
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  6. No one really ever cared about Jack to be fair. Should be Foley in that spot. Also, Kane should have held the big belt for at least one decent run. He deserved it and was over with people for nearly 4 years. Wasted so many opportunities.
  7. The list is WWE champs the company didn't believe in, that means McMahon didn't believe in because they didn't fit the classic wrestler look, I'm not that shocked I expected him on the list
  8. Swagger actaully screwed himself over by smoking Weed, Mick Foley is a case he had 3 short reigns too. But was never treated badly.
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  9. Kane without a doubt back between 99 and 02 was when he was at his absolute prime and his character was on fire with the fans. I thought he was owed a lot more time as champion and just didn't really happen for him. But you have to remember the fierce competition that was around in those times. Other talents were also in their prime such as Undertaker, Stone Cold, The Rock, Mankind, HHH, Y2J not to mention the WCW main event talents that generated huge excitement after making the move after the demise of WCW. It just goes to show the sheer talent that was previously available back them.

    Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Jericho are some of the best wrestlers in the history of the business and for the same reasons as described above they weren't really given the opportunities that they deserved. Any other time or generation they would have one a lot more titles and had longer reigns. But when you look at the titles they did win in different organisations, it actually isn't bad at all!

    Daniel Bryan cruelly taken from the fans earlier than he should have so other than injury there is nothing to add here.

    Jeff Hardy is a great talent and him and Matt were the greatest tag champs of all time. They brought a new level of danger to the sport and were responsible for the rise in tables, ladders and chairs. But heavyweight champion talent he is not. He did not have the mic skills or the look of a heavyweight champion. A disastrous reign in my opinion and is deservedly on this list.

    CM Punk cut his own reign short by leaving after constant falling out with management behind the scenes. He was his own worst enemy and took a very unprofessional and child like approach to solving some of those disputes. Yes he may have been right ion some of those disputes and wrong in some as well but it makes no difference to how he went out. He is the dictionary definition of arrogant and would have gone onto to greater things in the business if he hadn't messed it up for himself.

    Christian was another talent that was booked wrong by WWE and missed out on big things with him. He was a victim to the Randy Orton influence and stranglehold he had over WWE and was sadly overlooked due to this. But at least fans got to see a glimpse of hat they missed out on. I miss this guy. A proper talent.

    Jack Swagger is an incredible talent that the WWE to this day is still wasting away. He has decent mic skills, is a great heel, fits into the new generation product, has a great look and actually knows how to WRESTLE! Proper heavyweight as well. But because of one stupid mistake he has been made to pay over the odds for it. Lets just sat in my time, I've seen wrestlers get themselves into a lot more serious trouble than that and get away with it moving on to great things very quickly. Swagger is a great example of WWE favouritism and bias for certain employees and not treating people fairly. A really sad story here.

    Rey Mysterio is a joke. NOT A HEAVYWEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  10. we use the piss yellow font here to indicate sarcasm. It's a big small circle with jokes here sometimes.

    lol @CM, DB, and Y2J. Y2j was the first undisputed and it was messed up by booking, which was done a ton back then, nbd. Jericho will be in the HoF, you can bet your fucking dick on that. DB will be there in 2-3 years also, so WWE never didn't care about them anymore than the absolute shame that happened to Ziggler. The double turn, the night after Mania win was HUGE and we can argue lead to his burial and keeping the jobber role he chills at now.

    Swag and rey are lol's, Swag has the lisp and WWE used it to get people over cheaply, and Rey bounces off the second fucking rope. Booker T and a ton of other WCW stars (wasnt there a world champion WCW belt for a while?) should be on here instead. You came over or weren't there, lol come on. I'm sure there are a ton of stars i have never (and will never sadly) see over the decade+ i missed that deserved a ton more. It is what it is, the people who make it in the business have to no matter what accept a lot of what happens is luck. You imagine if Cena started as a dentist instead of how he did? Or Orton an OBGYN working for Godfather for the ho train? A shitload of horrible ideas happen all the time in WWE.
  11. See he would make sense.
    lol he never should have held it at all. I wonder why people talk about Bray giving a shit about a piece of metal. He is there to be king, I could see a crown changing but WWE would never....TNA might. Kane was meant to be about killing people and burying bodies, I just watched his run as hardcore champ (it was great but mostly because everyone involved could work) and I just wondered what this big monster gives a shit about something he never wants around his waist.

    ETA Guys like Raven needed that indication, coward heels and proud face's always work, what does Kane care about proving himself? He wants to provoke fear and that doesnt have anything to do with being the top man in the company....outside of a huge storyline leading up to another...say Cena goes over taker for the belt and it is driving taker insane to the point Kane realizes the way to get 100% out of him is to become champion in order to do that.
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