10 Worst Image Changes

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solid Snake, Aug 16, 2016.

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  1. 0:38 - Undertaker
    1:19 - Dusty Rhodes
    1:53 - Lex Luger
    2:30 - Kane
    3:15 - D Von Dudley
    3:51 - Albert
    4:37 - One Man Gang
    5:30 - Terry Taylor
    6:07 - Chavo
    6:41 - Paul Burchill

    Would you have added anyone else to the list?
    I think Kane is one of the most upsetting just because he went from KANE to... "Old man in a suit for cheap comedy pops"
  2. Oh I saw that video in my recommendations lol
  3. Leave it to WC to dislike Badass Taker, horrible. Deplorable.
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  4. Do people need to be reminded of the artist formerly known as Goldust? Look it up, that's the worst image change of all time.
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  5. Who the fuck disliked Taker as American Badass? Shame on you.
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  7. I'm sure Mascarita Dorada to El Torito is far worse than anything on that list except One Man Gang and Terry Taylor.
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. I always hated it. This mysterious, mystical, demonic figure was now just some greasy biker. To me, the character was wrecked after that stint. Ditto Kane's unmasking.
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  10. Me. It grew stupid very very fast.

    Fucking Booger Red
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  11. Okay. To each their own, then.
  12. As far as Terry Taylor goes, the Red Rooster look wasn't so much the problem (though it didn't help) as the gimmick in general. Had he gone back to being Terry Taylor (or whatever else) after splitting with Bobby Heenan he probably would've done fine.

    I'm curious if they only count wrestlers changing their image within one company or changing image when going from one company to another. If it's the latter, then Hector Guerrero becoming the Gobbledy Gooker definitely needs to be on this list.
  13. American badass was pretty cool, we saw a different side to him. Dare I say it more personality. Underrated phase in his career.
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  14. Can't watch Whatculture anymore. Used to be a fan but there's so much crap on there now. Ive been watching The Whole F'n Show recently and been lovin it.
  15. I am shocked that the most obvious one of all time is not on there... Adrian Adonis becomes "Adorable" Adrian Adonis

    upload_2016-8-18_3-6-35.png [​IMG]

    And don't get me wrong, this was the time I got into wrestling and feminine Adrian was an awesome heel and got a lot of heat.... but I have never been keen on the gay character used to create heat based off homophobia... and the change was pretty damn drastic.
  16. I think most people don't count it because it was supposed to be a bad image change. Adonis was being punished for letting himself get too out of shape. As for the homophobia, it was 1986, so that sort of thing was still acceptable.
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    I know people have made that claim about it being a punishment gimmick but I've never heard it from a credible enough source to believe it. According to what I had heard from Roddy Piper, the gimmick was used because Adonis and Piper were pretty much best friends and the gimmick was used to help Piper, who was one of the most hated heels in wrestling, get over with the fans as a face. Piper was despised, had his boxing match with Mr. T, went on a leave of absence and Adonis was given the gimmick with the Flower Shop interview segment in an attempt to turn the fans onto Piper so he could retire as a face at Wrestlemania III. From what Piper said, he wanted his last match to be with his best friend and thus it was Adrian given the gimmick. Since "gay"wrestlers were instant heat, they saw it as the most effective method to get fans behind Piper quickly.

    And yeah, I am fully aware of how homophobia was more acceptable back then. However, the age of the gay wrestler as a despised character is not completely over. Maby indie promotions still use this as a means to get quick heat.

    I am not saying the punishment thing is wrong, but it really seems to be a rumor with no real hard evidence behind it. It could be true and Piper may have just been talking up his friend, but I tend to believe him.
  18. Badass Taker got pretty lame. Ministry Taker > > > > > > > > > > >
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