10 Wrestlers That Should Ask For A Release

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Feb 17, 2016.

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  1. 10. Titus O’Neill
    9. Neville
    8. Alex Riley
    7. Damien Sandow
    6. Tyler Breeze
    5. Zack Ryder
    4. Natalya
    3. Wade Barrett (Already leaving LOLOL)
    2. Sheamus
    1. Dolph Ziggler

    Read the reasons HERE and discuss your thoughts below.

    Honestly, I am not surprised Ziggler is number one on the list. He is used as a punching bag and filler even though he is a good wrestler. They should have aloud him to have some kind of a run but they never did, even when the crowd legit loved him. It is a shame.
  2. Bunch of jabronis aside from Sheamus and Barrett :woo:
  3. One of which is leaving :brock:
  4. Not surprised DZ's at #1. I think DZ's said before he'll be done with wrestling in 2 or 3 years.
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  5. Good cause he gets treated like crap.
  6. DZ signed a new deal a year ago or something? He had his chance and he is garbage personified, ass cape twat that had to have heel on his trunks to remind the fans he was a bad guy. Natalya should of left when they gave her that fart gimmick thing, she is a very good wrestler. Neville only been there for a while plus he should of known he was going to be a spot monkey jobber.
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  7. I feel bad for Natalya really. They made her a joke on so many occasions and she is in their top 5 women wrestles in my book.

    And DZ is good in the ring, they just stuck him out with a stale gimmick so long that even when he was quite popular, it ruined him. He never got the chance to improve on the mic or given the chance to change his gimmick. They should have let him keep his brown hair when he had it and let a new gimmick be born from it.
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  8. I agree on nat but ziggler is bland, same old bland moves granted wwe ban moves and limit what a wrestler can do but others in his potion change it up, not a great worker in my booker, not a main event level that some think. It is not what wwe gives you, it is what you do with it and he. It is down to him not just wwes fault all the time.he is a charisma vacuum.
  9. I still think that he is better than he shows. His talents have been sucked dry and sealed into a tiny jar. They don't allow him to grow because they don't want it. That is the way I see things.
  10. Breeze is the real one here. I'd say he's Christian 2.0(fitting he has the unprettier as his finisher), but at least Christian has seen some gold in his career. Would love to see him go to ROH.

    Why would Sheamus ask for a release? Dude has had a fairly good career, better than a lot of people.
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  11. I would also put Sasha Banks and Curtis Axel on the list.
  12. I forgot about Curtis. But to be fair, he had a decent chance being related to a former wrestle who did great.
  13. Dolph Ziggler for sure. He would be a great addition to the Junior Heavyweight divisions of New Japan or NOAH. He can really work anywhere, and he'll achieve much more than what WWE granted him.
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  14. Barrett, Sheamus, ZIggler and Titus should not be on this list. Arguably Tyler Breeze either. The rest are flops:dealwithit:
  15. Ziggler deserves being buried six feet under for his shit 80s metal gimmick.
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  16. Not sure how people can doubt Ziggler as a worker, sure he over bumps but he's more than capable of telling a story when given time and a narrative.
  17. :idk: I thought you said Noah was a dog turd promotion or words of that affect. Plenty of better workers in America who could work Japan, Ziggler is bland in all areas, he is not going to help Noah.
  18. NOAH has really good Junior Heavyweight division, and is one of the only reasons I watch. Dolph Ziggler can fit right in, imo.
  19. Well Ishimori and a few others are great.
  20. That sentence just shows how little you understand about what being a worker actually means.

    I hate when people say "awh this guy sucks, he only knows ___ moves!" .. It's wrestling, wrestling isn't about the moves it's about the story.
    Look at Steve Austin, probably the most over guy the business has ever seen, how many moves did he use...? like 5, maybe, not including striking...?

    The criteria for a great worker isn't based on how many moves he knows. If the moves he uses aren't for you thats fine but it doesnt mean he's a shitty worker because he's the guy the majority of fans believe should be main eventing PPV's so clearly he's doing something right.
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