10 Wrestlers WWE Has Wasted Since Last Year’s WrestleMania

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Mar 5, 2016.

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  1. Its time for another WTFCulture copy/paste thread!! :happy:

    10. Damien Sandow (Yes)
    9. Big Show (???)
    8. Sting (Not their fault he got injured)
    7. Brock Lesnar (WTF?)

    6. Luke Harper (Ehh okay)
    5. Paige (Yes)
    4. King Barrett
    3. Lana (Yes)
    2. Bray Wyatt (Yes)
    1. Rusev (Ruined him)

  2. :sandow:
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  3. Deffo number 1
    :sassy: is second, even though he debuted post Mania.
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  4. I don't get why Big Show or Brock are on this list though.
  5. To hazard a guess:

    Big Show followed winning the Andre the Jobber Battle Royal by doing dick all year and re-establishing that that trophy means as much as a garden gnome. Seriously didn't the guy just win 2 matches the rest of the year - over Cesaro of course - granted we shouldn't be complaining outside of him still being on TV at all...

    Brock quietly has lost A LOT of heat since WM. Granted that was hard to maintain anyway but he got screwed out of his rematch by a teleporting dick-kicking zombie, had a (somewhat) 50-50 feud with Undertaker, fought Big Show in an Unintentional Empty Arena Match and was screwed by a bunch of dudes who can't beat Motherfucking Kane at Royal Rumble, on top of having WAY too many TV appearances that hurt the mystique of "Any time that guitar riff hits, carnage happens".

    Still not the guys I'd put on here, but maybe this is entertaining idk
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  6. Valid points but I feel like other wrestlers got screwed harder when it comes to this.
  7. Well, you asked! :jeritroll:
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  8. Sandow should be #1.

    He was the hottest thing going. He made piss into wine and ran with that retarded gimmick and made it fun. They monetized, fucked him and kicked him to the curb. They tried rehashing it with the White Machismo gimmick before Hogan ruined that.

    He's the latest inductee to the Zack Ryder Club, or maybe Tyler Breeze is?
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  9. Sandow should be #1, dammit. He got royally fucked.
  10. Damien Sandow and Rusev are the only guys on that list they wasted... How can they waste Wade Barrett when he gets injured every time he gets a small push?... And Paige?.. Well there's only so many spots in the divas division and there are woman way better than her right now. Sucks for her. Like Becky Lynch and Charlotte are way better than Paige.. Her time has come and gone.
  11. Call me crazy but if we're talking WM to WM, I wouldn't throw too much shade on Rusev. After the underrated-in-its-terribleness feud with Jahn, the whole "I lost everything" sad sap Rusev could have been an incredible babyface... Most these other people just had shit years, lol
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