10 WWE Figure Sets I think need to be made by Mattel

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Ericho84, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. 1. Dudley Boyz Battle Pack (Table Included)
    2. Goldberg vs. Gillberg Battle Pack
    3. Derrick Bateman Original
    4. Ryback vs. Barry Stevens Battle Pack (Ryback w/ Blue Attire)
    5. Curt Hawkins Elite (Vest, Chain, and Stick Thingy Included)
    6. The Shield Battle Pack (Ladder Included)
    7. Wade Barrett vs. Bo Dallas Battle Pack
    8. Big E. Langston Original
    9. Hardy Boyz Battle Pack (Chair Included)
    10. Triple H Original (buzz cut)
  2. I'd love a Shield set of Figures ;_;
  3. I have 32 WWE figures and I plan to get to 90 before Fall of 2014. Hopefully they come out with The Shield, and fast.

    Tell you what, wouldn't it be awesome if Mattel came out with 9" tall Robot Combat League figures?
  4. Those would be dope
  5. FEAR ME!