100,000 posts!!!

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  1. We made it. I said I wanted to get to 100,000 posts by late June so you guys decide to upstage me and get us there a full month early. Even late June in normal circumstances would be an incredibly hard challenge. But hey, it's an incredible effort so I thank all of you.

    I got both screenies for 99,999 posts and 100,000 posts so they'll be added to my WF moments collection which is soon expanding to funny posts and threads :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:. Anyway.

    You're all fantastic, I love you, I'm not even going to say no homo because there is definitely a bit there.

    Bryan, you can take it from here.

  2. Yes, we did it!
  3. And my Bryan smilie made it onto the big announcement :yay::yes:
  4. :obama::obama::obama::obama::obama::obama::obama::obama::obama::obama::obama::obama:
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  5. By God! By God! By God, Jerry, he did it!

    Great achievement guys, thanks to everyone who has posted 1 or 1,000 posts.

  6. I'm happy to say that I posted 1.62 perchent of all posts. :steiner:
  7. Congratulations to the forums. :yes:
  8. Congratulations to the WWEForums.net and Crayo the Chairman of this great site! Could we know the 1st and 100,000 Post please? :yes:

  9. Congratulations WWEForums.net.
  10. First thread and post: http://wweforums.net/showthread.php?tid=3

    Not sure on 100,000th.
  11. This is history made, I'm proud of it, bros.
  12. Congrats to @[JohnnyAceFan] on posting the 100,000th post.

  13. The thing is with PID's and TID's and UID's is that some have been deleted. For example there is no UID 4, 5, 6 (and more) I don't think because they were spam bots and I deleted instead of banning at the time. Some posts do get deleted so even though that's PID 100,000 (so it's the 100,000th recorded post) our post count was lower at the time when he posted that, probably around 300 or so lower.
  14. Yah I know. Even with the junked posts counted, that would be the 100,000th post unless some posts were actually deleted (not junked).
  15. Yeah junked posts count towards post count. Deleted posts are completely wiped out but the ID's keep going.
  16. JB's face from your sig is f'n EPIC, Crayo.
  17. Rofl it'd be perfect for a caption this thread.
  18. Big congratulations on the 1000,000 posts.
  19. wow thanks guys

    this has been a rather fun forum to visit
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