100,000 to Die at the London Olympics - Theory.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Zamorakian, Apr 17, 2012.

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  1. [yt]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFHcOw9INj4[/yt]

    Watch the whole clip before judging/posting.

    I don't want to say anything but if it really happens, god help us. All.

    My opinion here is within the 'neutral' section.
  2. With all of this in mind, you can't go anywhere these days.
  3. Are we under some threat of a potential attack? Yes but every large event will hold that burden, especially with our recent crusades supporting America's democracy push in the middle east. Is this guy reaching to get a possible reason? Yes also, some of his evidence is very shaky to me personally, for example the mascot being single eyes which is a representative of the apparent illuminati activity, yet his ignores the eye is the incorrect shape, as the illumanti is represented by a human eye whilst this one is a square. This just strikes me as another conspiracy theory formed to get hits on YouTube.
  4. Be honest, what are perchents of this bullshit actually happening? Stupid theorys. I believe in some, but some are just dumb. The all ZionDOT stuff seems incredibly artificial or whatever. Not buying it, bottom line.
  5. I don't believe by any means that the entire world is going to end in 2012. To the skeptics though (Testify), a smaller event like this is a more realistic possibility.

    Not saying it will happen, but I'd give it a 20:80 chance right now.
  6. Arab terrorists wouldn't target Britain; there's too high a potential of killing too many of their relatives.
  7. This is a real good possible outcome.
  8. I was making a joke on how over-populated by immigrants England is.

    I don't actually care about this subject, or any other subject on national conspiracy for that matter, because I have better things to do than to falsely follow conspiracies by some paranoid nut-job.
    People who waste their time with these are as bad as the people who believed Harold Camping when he said the world was going to end in May, 2011.

    If there were to be an attack on the Olympics, it will solely be because of the amount of people attending it and not because of some conspiracy that the BBC pointed out 8 years ago.
  9. Same here with immigrants. How are your thoughts about the 2012 happening?
  10. Will watch the video later so won't judge. As for 2012 end of the world - utter pish.

    Infact I will elaborate, why should I believe the Mayans when they were stupid enough to kill themselves off by throwing dead bodies into their water supply.
  11. I'm not sure whether you questioning my opinion or the word definition :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    If it's the latter then total bullshit basically...
  12. Thanks, Google didn't gave me the answer! lol
  13. Haha! Forget that this messageboard isn't filled with Scots sometimes :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  14. Not your fault, young lad.

    JoMo Jokes

    JK JK JK JK JK :laugh:
  15. :upset::upset:

    Ok, make a joke bout Holland.

    Go ahead. :laugh:
  17. I would but I can't think of one :emoji_slight_frown:

    Besides, I don't want to slander a place where smoking weed is legal, that's just not right. :emoji_wink:
  18. :laugh:

    We cool, right?
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