Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Kyle, May 27, 2012.

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  1. Alright ladies.

    We're almost at 100,000 posts.

    All of you sluts need to post more and get Crayo to 100,000 in the next 12 hours.
  2. Hey... You don't know me but I am the biggest slut going... but I do not work for free. Fuk dat 100,000 posts!
  3. I've got $0.02 left in PayPal (I bought a vibrator so Crayo and I could have sexytimes)
  4. Let me watch the porno then I will do it.
  5. Okay I'll PM it to you.
  6. Awesome. I'm in. 100,000 here we come.
  7. Great, thanks for being apart of the movement.
  8. Well, I'll keep posting as usual. You guys have fun. :dawg:
  9. We won't hit it today. Tomorrow, after RAW we most likely will. I'll be a proud guy. :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. You have like 2 posts, shut up. My UID is lower than yours so I obviously have a bigger penis.
  11. My post was related to Crayo's affirmation.
  12. Crayo, if you get 150,000 again do you get big board owner x2 on the myBB Community? That would be cool.
  13. What forum did he have get to 150,000? I thought MF only got to like 106,000?
  14. 150? It's 100k for big-board owner. I get nothing this time since I already received it for my previous forum lol.

    Labrocca is the only guy to achieve two big-boards though. I think.
  15. I thought it was 150k but oh well. Good luck, glad to see this board still around.
  16. I have at least 4.
  17. Nope it was me getting confused. I always thought it wss 150,000 until big board owner rank but it is 100,000.
  18. We will do it today. We got Kyle. :tough:
  19. Thanks for the faith, Big Hoss. :obama:
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