100 Facts You Didn't Know About AJ Lee

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by u_cant_c_me, Dec 7, 2014.

  2. Expect for it being hella fast that was a good video.

    Debut was repeated.
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  3. \_/
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  4. I as a diva fan was very surprised about the difference between Mickie Jame's houseshow title win (Which was counted.) and AJ Lee's houseshow title win (Which was not counted.). That's why i don't enjoy houseshows as much as i should.
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  5. #101: She makes me cummmmm every time I look at her. :tyson:
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  6. I have met 2 of her exes. Interesting fact :emoji_slight_smile:
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  7. Riveting
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  8. Stopped at the "all her clothes are under $100" part. Useless facts.
  9. The spelling errors in that video are glaring. On the plus side, at least some people feel she's worth knowing 100 facts about.
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  10. I don't even care to learn 100 facts about my girlfriends, can't imagine any of these 100 facts would be that interesting.
  11. Exactly. It's like, "Yeah... I don't care."
    And then it's supposed to be 100 facts you didn't know and then they add her birthday, when she won her champion, etc.
    Everyone would know that if they went to her Wikipedia page. Terrible video.
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