Royal Rumble 100 Royal Rumble facts you should know already!

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  1. 1. It's a wrestling match... Sorta
    2. Winner gets a title shot at WM
    3. Zack Ryder will never win this!
    4. There will be at least one surprise entrant!
    5. You are inundated when you are ejected over the top rope and both your feet hit the floor
    6. No diva has ever won the rumble! (Cena doesn't count!)
    7. Mick foley entered the rumble 3 times in one night! Still didn't win.
    8. Hillbilly Jim will not enter this year
    9. Kevin Nash will tear his knee out while watching the rumble
    10. Heath slaters mom says 3mb has a minute shot at winning!

    Add more! For shiggles
  2. 11. Hornswoggle has eliminated more people than Primo & Epico
  3. 12. The great khali was eliminated by Beth Phoenix
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