11/30/12 TNA News & Notes

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  1. Sources are indicating that the February Against All Odds PPV has been scratched. The company will go from January's Genesis PPV to Lockdown in March. There may be one or two other PPVs removed from the calendar as well, but it is not yet known which shows that may be. Dixie Carter has talked publicly about wanting to cut back on PPVs because there wasn't a need for running them monthly, but contractual obligations and deciding the right balance of PPVs for the company had been an issue. One would think this could lead to a price increase for the remaining shows, but nothing has been confirmed.

    There was a lot of positive sentiment about last night's Impact Wrestling taping backstage after the show. The feeling is that the company has turned the corner on creative with their grand plans mapped out several months ahead and the initial TV scripts put to bed a few weeks ahead of time in order to make sure they are locked in to their plans. There are changes made week to week to tweak and polish the plans but for the most part, the short and long term planning is stronger than it has been in a long, long time for the company.

    The cape that Matt Morgan is wearing is the actual cape from Hulk Hogan's heel run in the 1970s. Hogan has been working closely with Morgan to help him improve as a talent and personality.

    The Daniels/Kazarian tag team has been dubbed Bad Influence.

    The Spike TV special on King Mo won't be airing until early 2013, timed to debut near his first fight for Bellator.

    Sarita won her seventh consecutive CMLL bodybuilding competition yesterday at Arena Mexico yesterday. It's an annual competition featuring the wrestlers there.

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    Good to hear about Hulkster helping Morgan, brother. :hogan:
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