WrestleMania 11 Reasons Dean Ambrose Will Defeat Brock

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Neptune, Feb 26, 2016.

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    11. Brock Lesnar Doesn’t Need The Win
    10. The No Holds Barred Stipulation
    9. Ambrose Can’t Lose Again
    8. No Plans For Brock Lesnar, Plenty Of Plans For Ambrose
    7. The Result In The Context Of The Mania Card
    6. The Timing And Circumstances Are Right
    5. The Storyline Set Lesnar Up To Lose
    4. Brock’s Role Is To Make The Next Guy
    3. WWE Looking To Recreate Daniel Bryan
    2. Momentum
    1. @Shadow Will Cry If He Loses

    Thoughts on these reasons? I mean some make sense to me but at the same time, I am not sure how well these stand long term. If the feud isn't going to continue it makes sense to have Ambrose win but if they want this to carry on, have him lose. This way he can have an amazing match down the road and be victorious.

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  2. Uhh wow yet ok. Actually, it's the only thing I'm asking for my bday.

    Probably the only good thing by WC btw.
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  3. BOLDSHIT! Except for #1, Shadow WILL cry, hell we might even see the return of Crayo for 2-3 hours. Ambrose wins this one, i'd gladly bet on it.
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  4. All those reasons haven't meant shit the past couple year's.. Brock Lesnar has been killing everybody and he'll probably kill Ambrose as well.
  5. I probably will return. But if he loses I might just have to skull fuck Vince McMahon's corpse.
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  6. I would love for Ambrose to be the one who beats the one.... But I still see Ambrose losing or somehow this results in a no contest and neither man is able to compete from taking each other out.
  7. An Ambrose win would be awesome but I don't see it happening
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  8. It's weird but I think he can look better in losing than winning, kind of like Austin vs Bret at WM 13.
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  9. Didn't think of it like that... But if he goes out after taking a huge beat and 3 F5's... Pushing Brock to his limits... He will gain way more momentum. Or if it ends in a draw... That'll be awesome
  10. IDGAF who wins, I love both Ambrose and Lesnar. The match will kick ass and will probably end up being MOTN.
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  11. I really think that it will be match of the night. What they should do with this, because it's a street fight, is let them literally brawl all over the arena... In and out of the crowd... And then lose sight of them... The show continues on... Because they don't know where Brock and Ambrose went... Then right after another match... You see them brawling at like the top of the stadium in the rafters... Brock can like F5 Dean on the bleachers.. Dean can hit dirty deeds on the steps.. It would be match of the night and steal the show.
  12. Meh, that's already been done before with Ambrose and Harper.

    What I would like to see is these two guys beating the living shit out of each other for 20-30 minutes.
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  13. Yeah lots things have been done before... But this idea wouod be awesome for these 2
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  14. Not really a fan of the idea, but hey, to each their own. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  15. I also believe this has Austin/Bret written all over it as far as putting someone over by making them look tough as hell after losing a (hopefully) bloody and hard fought battle goes. That type of booking matches Dean's character perfectly and is what they've built the entire rivalry with Brock around thus far, so I expect their match to be the supreme demonstration of it as well. I could even see Brock showing him a little bit of respect after, not a handshake or anything, but some sort of respectful gesture as if to say "goddamn, you're tough." I can also envision Heyman citing in a promo the night after that while Brock still doesn't like Dean, he's managed to earn The Beast's respect, something that hardly anyone has ever done.

    I wouldn't mind certain shades of Taker/HHH from WM27 either, where the winner of the match still appears to have suffered more damage to the body despite pulling out the victory, and looks ironically more worse for the wear than the loser himself does. That type of booking could work no matter which way the match swings, though.

    If they want to put Dean over though, I'm cool with that. It's a street fight with no rules, so a moment where Ambrose just snaps and unloads some twenty or thirty-something chair shots in a row to Lesnar's back until it's enough to finally keep him down would be quite a moment. Think Austin brutalizing Rock with a chair at the end of their WM X-7 main event, but worse. When Brock destroyed Cena at Summerslam, everyone was remarking about how many suplexes Brock brutalized Cena with in a row (16.) In the event that Ambrose goes over, people can be remarking about how many chair shots Brock had to be brutalized with (let's say 32 or something) in a row before he was finally a beaten man.
  16. lol you couldnt skull fuck anyone in wwe, you have less clout than CMpuls3 bby.
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  17. fucking marks so worried about wins and losses
  18. Welp the article's right, right?
  19. It's sort of the whole point of wrestling, fixed sport or not.
  20. lolololol
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