12/27 IMPACT Wrestling Viewership

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Dec 29, 2012.

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  1. The December 27th Open Fight Night episode of IMPACT Wrestling scored 1,333,000 viewers (up from 1,270,000 last week). It marked four out of the last five shows to round to 1.3 million viewers.

    Last Five Weeks - End 2012

    Nov. 29 - 1.30 mill. viewers
    Dec. 6 - 1.32 mill. viewers
    Dec. 13 - 1.24 mill. viewers
    Dec. 20 - 1.27 mill. viewers
    Dec. 27 - 1.33 mill. viewers

    Decent I guess.:dawg:
  2. It'll go up soon. If they keep up the solid matches and beef up the story lines a bit, by this time next year they should be in the 2's easy.
  3. Doubt it as long as they refuse to advertise they'll be around mid - low 1s.
  4. Word of mouth from places like this really helps. Someone got Danielson on board. You know how that scheme works. One guy gets another, then another, then another, etc.
  5. The thing is TNA seems to not even have a marketing division. Which is needed. Word of mouth can only take you so far. TNA is on a national TV station so marketing themselves shouldn't be that hard, sadly it seems like they don't know how.
  6. Marketing department of TNA sucks ass, indeed. And that's been hunting TNA for years now, sadly.
  7. You and Aids should send in your resumes. If anyone can hype up TNA and market it, it's you two.
  8. Aww, you are welcome my dude!:obama:

    I might apply to [email protected] some day.
  9. You do the advertising and I'll do the posters. :woo1:
  10. So does anyone want to give me the run down of what's up? I'm going to start watching TNA with 100% commitment for a month or two. If I like it, i'll stay. What do I need to know going into thursday?
  11. Well, obviously, you need to check out the champs and who's on the roster 1st:


    And then this what you should expect this Thursday, it's pumped, huge, LIVE edition, as Sting returns, the Steel Cage match is booked, and IMPACT wrestler of the year will be determined.




    Hogan is the GM, btw.
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  12. Hardy, Devon, Hernandez? and Chavo, RVD, Tara ( I think I remember her from the WWE?) And eric young and ODB?

    Ok I know almost everyone that have a belt. The roster also has some guys I've seen before in other promotions. What's the difference between knock out tag and world tag?

    This show sounds like it could be nice, Sting was a favorite of mine in WCW, so it will be cool to see what he's been up to. Hogan is slightly annoying to me but I can deal with that.

    I Caught a match a few years ago with Abyss and he seemed like he was the man in TNA. I actually enjoyed the match but for the life of me, I can't remember who it was against. Just don't get annoyed with me thursday, When i ask questions like an idiot.
  13. Knock out tag is for women and men with beards apparently (was sposed to be a women's tag title but Ey holds it cos he's special) world tag is for men.
  14. World Tag straps is world tag straps, lol; and KO Tag straps are womens tag titles (why Eric Young is the champ beats the hell out of me too) and are useless in full meaning of that word. Those titles haven't been defended in more than half a year, and nobody cares about them, so neither should you lol. Just forget about them.

    And feel free to ask any questions, just the other day people on the streets were asking me a lots of stuff by calling me Mr. Encyclopedia.:adr:

  15. When Bobby Roode, James Storm, Hardy, Austin Aries, or Bully Ray is on the mic or fighting, pay attention. These are the main guys right now. These are the guys that will make you love TNA.
    Also look out for Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian, and Aces & Eights I suppose.
    I highly recommend subscribing to the YouTube channel which I put in the forum description, each episode of impact is broken down into several videos with the most important stuff, maybe you should watch some from the last couple of weeks. Thursday will make more sense to you.
    Finally, Bobby Roode is the top heel and is epic on the mic, he will never fail to entertain.
  16. I'm on it. Thank you for the youtube suggestion.
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