13 Wrestlers Crushed By Vince McMahon - Wrestlers Vince Hated The Most

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Joseph86, Feb 25, 2016.

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  1. Throughout his run as the chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon has seen his fair share of ups and downs. Former wrestlers have either loved McMahon like a father, or despised the way he did business with them.

    Despite some of the displeasures, McMahon has managed to keep a close relationship with a lot of wrestlers which include The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, The Rock and his son in law Triple H, just to name a few.

    With good relationships also comes some pretty bad ones, and today’s presentation will take a look at 13 of these situations. Some are still a part of the company today (believe it or not), while others are long gone and will most probably never be seen or heard of again. Though when it comes to Vince, one thing’s for sure, never say never. Let’s now begin to a look at who these wrestlers are


    13) Tyler Breeze

    12) Nailz

    11) Goldberg

    10) Rob Van Dam

    9) The Head bangers

    8) The Road Warriors

    7) Bruno Sammartino

    6) Jeff Jarrett

    5) The Ultimate Warrior

    4) Randy Savage

    3) Chyna

    2) Daniel Bryan

    1) CM Punk

  2. Vince pushed the shit out of a lot of those guys. Shit list, not watching your vid.
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  3. I think the issue was either they didn't fit into his plans at the time (and they were over with the crowd) or there was bad blood between Vince and said wrestler we know little about. Either way, he did give them all great opportunities.
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  4. Bruno Sammartino- longest WWE/F champion of all time

    Rob Vam Dam- Held ECW & WWE title at one time, had multiple title reigns

    CM Punk- longest WWE champion in the last decade or whatever

    Daniel Bryan- Held every title there is for a man to hold in the WWE, Main Evented Mania

    There's a whole lot of others who Vince actually ruined. This vid just seems like pro-Punk propaganda, even though I didn't watch.
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  6. 13) Tyler Breeze - I guess.

    12) Nailz - The guy fucking assaulted Vince, what do you expect?

    11) Goldberg - I'll give this a pass.

    10) Rob Van Dam - The biggest ECW star, presented in the Invasion. ECW and WWE Champion, beat John Cena and was the ace of the ECW brand?

    9) The Head bangers - Never heard about their heat.

    8) The Road Warriors - Considering Road Warrior Animal, was doing business with them up until a few years ago. I doubt anything bad happened. Not to forget his 2005-2006 return.

    7) Bruno Sammartino - 11 year title reign = crushed? Bruno didn't hate McMahon until the tits and blood sprouted up in the late 90s.

    6) Jeff Jarrett - Seems legit.

    5) The Ultimate Warrior - Seems legit.

    4) Randy Savage - Besides Savage hating the commentary role, I don't think he was crushed nor hated by McMahon.

    3) Chyna - Chyna crushed by McMahon? Why because they don't want her in their not-so prestigious hall of fame?

    2) Daniel Bryan - WrestleMania 30, grand slam champion, beat John Cena clean, beat Batista, Orton and HHH all in one night. An entire episode was dedicated to him during his retirement?

    1) CM Punk - Vince McMahon gave this guy the #2 spot for 3 years. He was given all the major titles in the company. Headlined/featured on numerous WrestleManias. He hardly crushed him and he publicly apologized to the guy, but he still hates him? lolwut.

    Some good points, a lot of bad points. This whole list just seemed like is was made for D-Bry and Punk to be on a list of people Vince McMahon buried.
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  7. DB doesn't belong on that list.
  8. How is Jeff Jarrett not number 1? Vince's "hate" for Punk doesn't come close to Jarrett. Jarrett held Vince up for up to 3 million dollars (for one nights work) which he then used to start another company.

    There's a bigger chance of Chyna making the hall of fame than Jeff Jarrett
  9. I thought it was 300k
  10. Randy Savage, Jeff Jarrett, and Chyna are the only legitimate ones on the list. You could probably throw Lex Luger on there, too. He left them high and dry for WCW and wasn't really considered a big enough star to bother bringing back later on in spite of personal differences (even though him being part of the Alliance invasion would have made perfect sense; Luger showing up on the first-ever telecast of Nitro were the first shots fired in the Monday Night Wars.)

    The others may have suffered booking mishaps at some point, but they either almost all had successful careers in WWE (Goldberg, Bryan, Punk, RVD, etc.) or did something that rightfully pissed Vince off. Nailz attacked him in front of everyone, of course he'd hate him. WWF had nothing left for The Headbangers to do and they weren't considered that important anyway, so I don't see the issue with just letting their contract run out. Tyler Breeze's theme song and gimmick is amusing, but is it really to anyone's surprise that he became Fandango 2.0? Hopefully he can recover and still have a great career into of being relegated to being enhancement talent.

    Goldberg is a funny mention in itself. People always love to trot out the usual "Vince hates anyone he didn't create, he buried anyone that came from WCW, yada yada yada" hyperbole, but Goldberg was booked like a beast during his short stint with the company. Beat Lesnar, Rock, Michaels, HHH, Orton, Batista (granted, this was before Orton and Batista were main event stars, but still), Jericho, etc. all in one year before leaving on his own (and winning his final match on the way out, but apparently, none of that constitutes as a proper utilization of his character. WCW did far more to harm Goldberg's aura than WWE ever did.
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  11. Depends on who you ask. JR (who was talent relations at the time) says "around 300K", Jarrett has claimed in interviews that it was "around 3 million"
  12. This list is such bs. Lol. Vince hated a lot of stars im sure and the feeling was prob mutual, but most of the people you mentioned were super successful lol.

    DB: defeated all of evolution in one night at mania 30. Former world champ for a while. Beat cena clean (I will say that DB was belittled in some ways, but he given a lot too).

    Punk: longest reign in 25 years. 2 time MIB. Fought taker at mania. Headlined numerous PPV's. Only thing he really didn't do was win the rumble, which if he would've stayed, he prob would've.

    Goldberg: beats the rock first time back. Wins world title and stops all of evolution for a while. Beats brock before he leaves at mania.

    Chyna: crushed by triple h. Not Vince. Just the situation and with Stephanie involved, Stephanie wins.

    Tyler breeze: maybe. But still lots of time to see. We'll see.
  13. List is a complete and utter joke.
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  14. 3 million sounds completely unrealistic. That's like the total profit from the PPV, in general.
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