13 years later: Remembering the 9/11 terror attacks

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Z.T.O, Sep 11, 2014.

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    R.I.P All 9/11 victims, 13 years on and never forgotten.

    The picture was taken from Tumblr.

    Edit: If you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all! Thanks.

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  2. It's been 13 years already? Wow, I remember when it first happened. A terrible occupancy no matter who you see as at fault.
  3. 13 Years... Wow. Such an awful time that is still effecting others.
  4. Obviously a horrendous tragedy, but in my opinion re-showing images such as the one in the OP of the fireball, the towers collapsing etc. just makes it worse each year. I know you can't just 'move on' over something like this, but it's better for everyone involved with it to try and put it to the back of their mind, not to try and pretend it didn't happen or that it's just 'meh' now, but to try and lessen the pain and anguish they feel every time they see images like that.

    I feel the press deliberately bring those images out every year just to invoke emotions and anger from people, personally. A bit unrelated but whatever.
  5. Not to downplay the tragedy or anything, but I'm already over this.
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  6. I remember being in a large van in Germany on a top secret military intelligence facility watching it all go down on a small tv with bad reception. People just crammed in trying to get a look. And then we went into lockdown shortly after the second plane hit and it was obvious it wasn't just a horrible mistake.....and then the guard duty rotations started..........:ohgod:

    I understand it was horrible and people died and never forget and all that but holy shit - the way our (U.S.) military reacted on our own bases was overkill IMO. All the guards put out everywhere scared the shit out of the locales and everyone was walking on eggshells for months. The only incident that I was present for when shots were fired on guard duty was a fellow soldier trying to hit an engine block as a domestic violence suspect tried to gun it through the serpentine'd barriers to exit a housing area. It was dumb and a couple people almost got run over. The shot missed by the way. Bounced of the pavement and went through the guard tent (there were holes found) while no one was in there due to the ruckus. :facepalm: Military intelligence indeed.
  7. Yeah, don't make any 9/11 jokes, they are just plane wrong.

    Also, was a filter really needed?
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  8. Couldn't resist, could you @Bill Clinton :dawg:

    You're right about the filter though, jesus some people :lol1:
  9. Who's complaining lol?
  10. Exactly, no one was complaining
  11. I still say it was the Jews.
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  12. I dunno. I know it was sad and whatever, but the media is always shoving this down our throats each year and it's annoying.
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  13. Obviously the desert rat's who learned to fly a plane in a massive city at dangerously low altitudes all while not being noticed did it.

    Nah, keeping the conspiracies out of this. It was pretty weird but I wasn't stunned and shocked as some people claimed they were. It was just an awkward feeling .

  14. You're on fire man.
  15. Ya know what's better than one burning building?

    Two burning buildings
  16. I have a message from the Jews...
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  17. Tragedy yes but the media always overplays it, not even close to the worst tragedy in human history. That said it was a terrible thing and I hope the families involved were able to find some closure.
  18. I was in middle school and didn't understand it. Why would they do it? Why did we have to watch it?

    Wait, we get to go home early? Fuck I time for PSO on dreamcast.
  19. I remember the day it happened was a half-day at school (I was in the eighth grade at the time.) I forget the reason they did this, but they would sometimes let us out at around 11:30 A.M instead of 2:50 P.M and that day was one of those days. Terrorist bastards put a damper on what was supposed to be a happy day.
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