14 year old incredible footballer.

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  1. This is why big teams need to invest and concentrate on academy's. AC Milan have been relatively poor and had to sell their big names (Zlatan, Thiago Silva), but they have guys like this dude and El Shawaary just waiting to become mega-stars.
  2. you just have to look at barcelona and dortmudds team to see what using your academy does


    also have you heard of the 14 year old korean player at barcelona i think hes gunna be amazing aswell
  3. Most established big names like AC Milan, Barca, Madrid, Man United, Juventus etc. have good academies. That's when success is done right. It tends to be the big money-spenders like Chelsea, City and others who lack the academy players.

    Also, is that Woo Lee? Yeah, seen some of him. Awesome player.
  4. 1.45 he completely twisted the poor guy.
  5. Yes i think not sure what his name is one to watch out for i think man city do have a good youth academy they just don't use it sadly
  6. They haven't to be honest. They haven't got any decent stars down there.
  7. Ive heard they have a striker coming through who has a lot of potential out on loan somewhere atm not sure what his name is
  8. That goal at 1:09 Impressed me :obama:
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