Football 15/16 Football Season Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Gav back in the championship, Aug 18, 2015.

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  1. Discuss anything related to the current football season in this thread whether its premier league, champions league, la liga or football league!!!

    UP THE BORO!!!

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  2. "A win, two goals, Champions League debut. It was a good night, but there are better yet to come... #MUFC"

    This kid seems promising! :woohoo:
  3. As I said on the other thread...

    So Chelsea signed Baba Rahman, I'm now hoping we can get another player in (Koke or Pedro) who can play on the wings, and then maybe Stones and we should be set. We were decent against City, the quality of Aguero, the wrongly disallowed Ramires goal and our shocking lack of quality in the final third for the most part fucked us over for the 3-0 game but I think we can improve if Mourinho finally actually makes more signings.

    In fact, I think we should have signed Cabaye for the £8 or £10 mil he went for to Palace, he's definitely good enough to play for a top 6 team and playing alongside Matic and Oscar, he could be really good. He runs a lot, puts in tackles, his passing and set-pieces are quality, I really enjoyed his performance against Arsenal on the weekend.
  4. Hoping Spurs finalizes the signing of either Berahino or Heung-Min Son soon. We've done good with buffing our defense this silly, but a few more offensive pieces won't hurt.

    Also, super stoked for group A in the CL. I get the chance to see PSG and Real Madrid live if I can get tickets and such sorted for a trip to Malmö.
  5. @seabs just realising our teams play each other tomorrow whats your prediction?

    On paper i think we should win But sheff wed away is never an easy game for us I'll be happy if we get a draw
  6. In bants mode we'll smash you all over ya wanna be mackems.

    In serious mode but sides are playing below expected so far, I love big Dave to death but he's not a lone target man so we'll struggle with that. If Joao starts I give us more of a chance of snatching summet. A draw would probably be fair.
  7. Gary hooper is signing for you ain't he hopefully it takes a while to wrap up if true lol

    I hope doesn't play about with the team too much again like last week we were poor against Bristol
  8. nah not yet. Norwich got some striker issues going on with Lewis 'Awol' Grabban, so think Hooper has been dleayed, but they got Turner from us and he will be great as a champ CB
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  9. so @Gav the Champ! whats going on with Boro atm, as they were my favs for automatic, but not looked great so far (yeah Bristol City game cost me money)
  10. Yeah what he said were apparently in for forresteri from Watford also.
  11. Chelsea's group doesn't seem too bad. Porto could be a tough test but I reckon we'll have enough quality to end up finishing #1 in the group.

    Also, John Stones apparently won't be let go by Everton for £40 million. I assume it's just them biding their time until they can get a replacement in but it's really annoying.

    We have Palace tomorrow, I'm quite worried about this game. Palace are quality, we'll need a performance like our first half vs West Brom to beat them, rather than a City-esque performance. Also, why is this game apparently not on TV here? Would be fantastic to watch.
  12. Heung-Min Son confirmed for Tottenham, but he'll only start come getting his work permit. Has capped 87 games and scored 29 times for Leverkusen. Decent signing.

    We have Everton tomorrow. Tough game but one that we should be able to win. We'll be entertaining never the less.
  13. Stones is soooo overrated its hilarious. He's a veryyyyy good player but not 40 million
  14. I don't know lol it was like 2 completely different teams when you compare that game to the Bolton game where we played brilliantly karanka made too many changes to the team i think he probably underestimated Bristol City and saw it as an easy game
  15. 3 million for Fosteri looks very close and Pudi signed should be an interesting few days tbf. Apparently in for a striker too, lord knows we need one. You going today Gavala?
  16. Nope :emoji_slight_frown: probably be a good game too
  17. Fair play Boro were the better team today. We had spells but still need a quality lone striker, Joao showed his inexperience.
  18. Great result for us just what we needed after the week we've had hoping the deadline day end with either adomah still a boro player or antonio signs for us
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