15 of WWE’s All Time High-Risk Finishers

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  1. 15 of WWE’s All Time High-Risk Finishers


    Watch enough WWE programming and you will eventually hear a commentator describe a Superstar engaging in what is commonly called a “high-risk” maneuver.

    Whether it’s Michael Cole describing WWE Champion CM Punk ascend to the top rope or Jerry “The King” Lawler expressing disbelief at Christian’s connection of the Killswitch, high-risk maneuvers can help modern competitors gain a clear and decisive edge over their opposition. So it’s no wonder that all levels of Superstar, from seasoned veterans like Rey Mysterio to up-and-coming grapplers like Antonio Cesaro, add an element of danger to their signature finisher moves.

    It’s common for the WWE Universe to be left in awe by a well-timed finisher, but it’s just as easy for them to forget just how difficult these carefully designed moves are to implement. So WWE.com tips its cap to the Superstars who regularly put themselves in harm’s way for a chance at glory by reviewing 15 of the riskier finishing maneuvers in the history of WWE.

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