15 WWE Stars You Forgot Existed

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Feb 7, 2014.

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  1. http://www.wwe.com/classics/15-superstars-you-forgot-existed

    Show Spoiler
    * Just Joe
    * Babu
    * Cloudy
    * Gunner Scott
    * Dan Rodman
    * Gavin Spears
    * Key
    * Super Porky
    * Palmer Cannon
    * Eric Escobar
    * The Heart Throbs
    * Hade Vansen
    * Muffy
    * Ryan Braddck
    * Braden Walker

    I don't remember any of these except Just Joe and the Heart Throbs lol.
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  2. Geeze pin me, pay me.
  3. Oh, trust me, we haven't forgotten Braden Walker.
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  5. the red rooster, tugboat, val venis, the boogeyman... um ill think of more
  6. I remember Gavin Spears. He's actually working for WWE again now (signed to NXT under a new name)

    As for Walker: Knock knock
  7. I kind of forgot that Sheamus existed because last year the focus was mainly on Daniel Bryan.
  8. I remember Spears, Vansen, Heartthrobs, Braden and Escobar. That's bout it.
  9. How could anyone forget Venis and Boogeyman? They've done more memorable things than anyone else on the list
  10. the boogeyman was lame
  11. I remember Gavin Spears, Ryan Braddock, Eric Escobar, Braden Walker...and Babu.

  12. HBK used to team with some jobber named marty janetti
  13. I remember just joe he was there about 2001 I think and his character was a shit stirrer. Also remember Walker and Vansen.
  14. Who the fuck forgets Braden?
  15. His matches were (mainly because of how short they were) but the character itself and the person who performed it was pretty good. I mean he could have some good feuds now. Att 49 and the fact that he can still go is amazing.
  16. I actually liked Eric Escobar
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  17. Wow, they weren't kidding lol I remember Babu, Palmer Cannon, Eric Escobar, The Heart Throbs and of course the legend Braden Walker. Other than that, I have no idea who the rest are.
  18. Knock knock...who's there? Braden Walker. HR was hilarious when he teamed with Hardy at whatever TNA show that was.
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