Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Dec 8, 2012.

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  1. 17 days till Christmas :angry:

    What are your plans for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

    We are doing the same as last year, my husband and I.
    Christmas Eve with my mom & dad and other family.
    Then Christmas day with his mom & step dad and other family.

    We do presents Christmas Eve night, then Christmas morning and afternoon. I get my pets stuff every year. They actually open them! I will probably tape them and put the vids on my youtube channel.
  2. Gayest. Story. Ever!
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  3. Kiss my big Italian ass Punk! :finger:
  4. :true:
  5. :maybe: :idontcare: :lady:
  6. ^Maybe I don't care Lady.
  7. Well I get my kids christmas eve so taking them to my familes house and then on christmas probably going to watch the knicks play because amare is back
  8. Probably nothing :pity:
  9. Christmas is a time of heavy spending, but constant relaxation.
  10. Christmas Eve I will be relaxing counting down till Christmas day. Christmas day I will be opening presents and eating food and chilling out. Christmas really isn't that much of a biggy anymore. I just think it's another day on the calendar. Obviously I would like it be a nice occasion for my 8 year old sisters sake. But apart from that meh. I'll do Christmas shopping around the 21st December.
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