17 minutes of Battlefield 4 being played...

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Crayo, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. :mog: This looks incredible.
  2. Awesome, it looks better than COD4
  3. @"Big Hoss Rambler"
  4. Yah saw this earlier today. Gonna be pre-ordering this later on. Heard there's gonna be 64 player match which sounds so fun (maybe for next gen consoles?).
  5. I've always preferred BF to CoD, but had to give in to peer-pressure and play COD because no one I knew played BF. I dislike how big the maps are in BF though.
  6. I'm not a gamer but holy shit that looks awesome from a visual stanpoint.
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  7. It's the lighting that impresses me the most. It's incredible. Looking down the hallway for example.
  8. Good old Dice. I have a friend who worked as a sound engineer on this most likely (he's a sound engineer at Dice in Stockholm).
  9. +1

    Might have to get this.
  10. Single player looks OK. I hate oversized maps with gobs of people for online MP though. Just doesn't do it for me. 6-10 players on a team on a smaller map is much better.
  11. The game seemingly has so much more strategy and realism. For example, when they're spotted by the people in the Jeep, he changes guns to manoeuvre through the path and sneaks up behind the guys. They don't just automatically know where he is like they do in other gun games.

    I seriously can not wait for this game.
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