19 Wrestlers who screwed their wrestling careers

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Joseph86, May 11, 2016.

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  1. Guys, my list for Wrestlers who screwed their wrestling careers
    1. Jake “The Snake” Roberts - substance abuse problems
    2. Titus O’Neil - For grabbing Vince’s arm
    3. Jeff Hardy - substance abuse problems
    4. Triple H – Curtain call
    5. Lana - breaks kayfabe and flaunting her engagement ring on twitter during a storyline
    6. Scott Hall – alcoholic
    7. Juventud Guerrera - Attacked Australian police officers
    8. Road Warrior Hawk – Drugs and Alcohol
    9. Daniel Bryan - choking Justin Roberts with a tie
    10. Alundra Blayze – Throwing WWE Women’s Championship in the trash
    11. Mabel – Unsafe in ring worker , attitude and weight issues
    12. Yokozuna – Weight issues
    13. Dolph Ziggler – Over selling
    14. The Ultimate Warrior - demanded more money to work Summerslam 1991
    15. Jeff Jarrett - demanded more money to work
    16. Mr. Perfect - Plane Ride from Hell
    17. Carlito - Violated the WWE’s Wellness Program and refused to attend a rehabilitation facility.
    18. Mr. Kennedy - violated the WWE’s Wellness Program
    19. Tyler Breeze - Failed to attend smackdown
  2. Kennedy, Hardy, Roberts, Bryan, TRIPLE H!? how did they screw up their career? 4/5 of the ones I mentioned went on to have World title reigns after their screw ups. A bit of over exaggeration there.
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  3. Can you really put Bryan and H on here? Most of the others were buried or fired, but the curtain call and tie thing was more of a bump in the road than "Screwing Themselves"

    I would put Hogan on here, as his Racist remarks has royaly screwed his WWE legend's career
  4. Well the instances you mention obviously had varying degrees of detrimental effect on the individuals' careers, decent list nevertheless.. agree with quite a few of them.
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    Here's a list I got

    1.Jack Swagger - smoked weed before Wrestlemania 29, got arrested, was supposed to win the title from Del Rio but didn't so as punishment he had no real entrance at the event and disappeared for a month
    2.Evan Bourne - synthetic weed, twice, first time was tag champ so his partner Kofi Kingston just worked as a singles competitor holding the belt as the tag division remained dead at the time, came back, got busted again, but this time they made the team drop the championships on a house show, lose the rematch and Even Bourne was immediately suspended again
    3. Alex Riley - was reportedly a major hot head, so his 2011 push got canned
    4. Scott Hall - Drunk in 2002, got fired
    5. Adam Rose - the most recent addition to this list, recently arrested
    6. Titus O' Neil - tried to be a gentlemen for his boss Steph, upset the bigger boss
    7. Sin Cara Gen I (Mistico) - refused to learn English and adapt to the WWE ring, botched multiple moves which led to many injuries, then had one botch that broke his finger and that got him fired
    8. Sunny - Porn
    9. Buff Bagwell - convinced writers he was a great number 1 contender for the WCW title on that RAW episode, but the audience knew he was shit and booed him, wound up getting fired
    10. Chris Benoit - we all know this one
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  6. Guys, it is true that Jeff was arrested when the police found his stash and as a result he’s not allowed outside of the United States anymore.
  7. Maybe we should add Adam Rose to this list? I mean if Titus is on there
  8. Yeah but that- ok actually if you think about it that screws him with many things like NJPW
  9. And the whole "TNA should go to UK" thing
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  10. I don't understand 80% of this list
  11. Sorry, buddy, but HHH and DB being on this list is pretty ridiculous.
  12. Commonly referred to by WWE as one of the most unique and charismatic stars of all time, with multiple world title wins and midcard title wins.

    He won the King of the Ring, the following year. He went on to become one of the biggest WWE stars, a 14 time World Champion and ultimate heir to the WWE throne.

    He returned, a few months later. And won every title WWE has. He defeated 3/4 of Evolution in the same night at WrestleMania 30, and was the face of the Intercontinental title division.

    He's had 5 stints in the WWE. 2 as Mable, 2 as Viscera and 1 as Big Daddy V.

    He is routinely trusted to put on a good show, and match to get the crowd pumped. He may not be a World Champion, but has a pretty prestigious role on the show. This same position was also held by Randy Savage, Mr. Perfect, Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels (to name a few).

    First of all, his no-show and refusal to follow storylines in 1996 was what really ended his career, Then he further buried it by jumping to WCW in 1998. But that would be true if he didn't come back in 2013/2014 to have some of the most magical last days, anyone can ask for.

    The man has founded two wrestling companies. One of which was a solid Alternative for a long period of time, and had the biggest stars outside of WWE on their roster.

    He was suspended, not fired. He has had a rather accomplished career as an ambassador for the company and is set for a return - soon.
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  13. The the only thing Trips screwed was his bosses daughter :pity2:+:steph:=:sad2:
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  14. lol'd at Ziggler being on the list for overselling
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