2/4/13 RAW ratings breakdown

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Feb 7, 2013.

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  1. How did DB and Rey lose viewers? That was one of the only good points of the show. :facepalm:
    Looks like no one cares about ORton or the buried IC title.
  2. The match was good with bryan/mysterio, but I think we can all agree the gimmick is getting stale.
  4. Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton lost 683,000 viewers.

  5. Lost more than Lesnar gained.
  6. It's starting to approach the time where after WM, Randy Orton turns heel. :nogusta:
  7. Or disappears into thin air again :upset:
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  8. I heard Brock Lesnar may turn baby face. Could this mean a feud against Mark Henry in the future? We'll see. I'll post up a report if not posted already.
  9. I wouldn't want to watch Barrett being buried anyway. Seems like a regular breakdown overall.
  10. These are huge ratings, Jesus. This would be big for two hours but three hours... that's crazy.
  11. Mark Henry would ruin him, lol.
  12. Lesnar as a face? fuck all that noise
  13. It seems as if he's the only heel opponent other than Randy Orton that can possibly take on Brock. I've posted a thread about the summer plan.
  14. Ryback losing ratings...
    Doesn't surprise me.
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