2 guys from the full time roster who you want to work a 3 month program.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Mar 24, 2012.

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  1. Note the part time people like Rock, Taker and HHH aren't included also how would you build it up?

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  2. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan having a proper fued.

    Bryan switches to Raw after losing the WHC to that annoying ginger prick. Has a mini fued with someone whilst Punk beats Jericho at Extreme Rules.

    Then Bryan starts saying that he hasn't had a rematch for the championship, despite the fact it's the WHC he should be after. Punk then comes out and starts slating him, saying that AJ needs a real man, then out comes Johnny Ace. He says that Bryan does deserve a shot at a world title, but because he's such a good general manager he will make him earn it. So he says he is creative and will have a number one contenders match with someone which he wins cleanly by making them tap out.

    Then next week backstage Punk bumps into AJ who is waiting outside Daniel Bryan's room. Bryan walks out and sees them speaking and tells Punk where to go. Punk smiles, puts his hands up ironically and backs away.

    The week after Punk speaks to them backstage again, once again saying something along the lines of AJ deserves a real man. He then walks off doing the call me sign.

    Later in the night Punk is wrestling and Bryan assaults him with a chair, he then puts him in the lebell lock - shouting I am a man. I am more of a man than you will ever be.

    Then at whatever the next PPV is Punk wins. AJ tries to help Bryan but ends up costing him the match. Punk wins via GTS.

    Next week on Raw before the show intro you see Bryan shouting aT AJ for what she did. Then he walks out to the ring and cuts a promo about how if it wasn't for his stupid girlfriend he would have beaten Punk. JL comes out, agrees and gives him a rematch next PPV. Both men have matches later in the night but don't get involved in each other's.

    The next week CM Punk comes out and cuts a promo. Not sure what about lol, just the general rivalry. Then Bryan comes out, they exchange words for a bit and then Bryan slaps him and runs. Punk catches up, is away to punch Bryan but he moves AJ in front of him, AJ then runs off.

    The penultimate week before the Pay-per-view Bryan assaults Punk backstage at the start of the show. Punk remains unseen for the rest of the show. Bryan then comes out and says Punk deserves it because a few weeks ago he tried to get involved with his girlfriend AJ - who despite the way Bryan has been treating her, remains by his side. Bryan then wins a match later that night.

    Then the week before the Pay-per-View Punk searches for Bryan all night but can't find him. He then accidentally meet AJ backstage, who informs him that Bryan will not be at the show tonight, she's just here because she has a match.

    Later that night Bryan attacks Punk again with a chair. Instead of his usual heel antics though, he just stares at Punk who is on the ground. Bryan was still paranoid that Punk was trying to steal AJ, and shouts "AJ is mine!" Then as he is about to walk out the ring, he turns round, picks up the title and stands above CM Punk while holding it.

    Then at the Pay-per-view the match end on a double count out. They both end up beating the hell out of each other with weapons and shit backstage, they then get seperated by officials.

    Bryan comes out next week, fuming at the fact he didn't manage to beat Punk, demanding another rematch. He wants to prove to AJ that he is a better man than CM Punk, he says that he is getting obsessed over not being able to beat him and win the WWE title.

    Punk's music then hits and he agrees to another match and that he also, wants a clear winner. He says that one way of being certain of a clear winner, is in a 30-minute iron-man match, with no disqualifications. Bryan agrees straight away.

    The next week they lay off the fued a bit, to give the fans a break, with them just having seperate singles matches and no interaction.

    The week after they have a heated in ring promo at the end of the night, both absolutely owning on the mic, Bryan saying that he is more straight edge than Punk because he doesn't eat meat or something along those lines that could add a new dimension to a long fued. At the end Punk says something then walks to the back, as he walks off Bryan says AJ was staring at Punk and starts asking if she is cheating on him. She immediately says No. But Bryan doesn't believe her and pushes her over. Getting major heat. Everybody in the arena is shocked at what just happened.

    The final week before the PPV, after Punk had just had a match in the ring and it pans to the back, where AJ is finally dumps Bryan. Bryan is despondant, then starts going beserk and saying it was because of Punk that she left him. He runs out to ringside and starts trying to attack a weakened Punk with a steal pole. AJ runs out and takes the pole off of Bryan, who is angered. He then turns round and Punk starts laying into him, Bryan then starts laying into Punk. Then security come out and try to stop them, but they both keep breaking out of the security and attacking each other. Raw finally end with them finally being restrained and AJ watching whilst upset.

    At the PPV Bryan beats Punk for the WWE championship in the ironman match. When winning by a victory Bryan runs to the back with the championship,Punk chases him but can't get him back in time.

    What does everyone think? I feel that Bryan's character being a bit more vicious like above would be better, and that a personal fued between the two would be quite cool. I don't think the matches would get stale because the first one could be really techinical. The second one a bit less so and the third one basically a brawl.
  3. Got two.

    1st Scenario (Presuming Jericho is leaving):

    Punk and Miz. After Punk goes over at WM (or ER), Miz will assault him, say he's robbed him of his spot as the must see WWE champion. Miz's gimmick would have now changed slightly, he'll still be the best coward heel in WWE but he wouldn't be weak. He'll also have Ryback as his bodyguard. The story sort of writes itself, Miz can mention the Punk remarks about Miz, say how Hornswoggle looks more of a champion than him bla bla bla.

    2nd Scenario:

    Riley gets drafted to SmackDown, has a tag-team main-event when Sheamus is assaulted by Bryan & Rhodes. Riley looks like a face when he teams with Sheamus, but he actually turns on him and ends the first SmackDown after the draft holding the WHC (Yes I'm ambitious).
  4. Added a wee storyline now :emoji_slight_smile:
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