2 matches announced for RAW 10/20

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    So it's looking like Charlotte will make her debut this Monday, maybe.. it's WWE so it could be some random crappy diva, but since AJ is "picking her own partner" I'm guessing it'll be someone a little more important.

    As far as the handicap match... I think Orton/Kane/Rollins will win and something will happen during the match that will make Cena and Ambrose attack each other, leading to interference by Cena attacking Ambrose during the HIAC main event.

    What are your thoughts guys?
  2. So how many times have Cena and Ambrose gone against the three stooges now?
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  3. Tbh I thought she was going to have her as her partner this past RAW when they did the same thing but Layla came out instead.. hopefully it's Charlotte but I can see them waiting til after HIAC to debut her.
  4. This is the first time she's getting to choose her partner though... so it's highly likely it will be Charlotte.
  5. She chose Layla last week.. AJ was like "You're the one I dislike the least blah blah blah.." I totally thought she chose her.. i might be mistaken though.
  6. Shared main event at HIAC so it makes sense that they main event the go home RAW show but I believe that after HIAC it will be Cena/Ambrose and Orton/Rollins feuding.. and Ambrose will go over Cena.. that's my prediction.
  7. Perhaps, whenever the divas come on I tend to pay less attention.

  8. It was a genuine question. I haven't really watched Raw for a few weeks now. From what I've read it seems to be the same match as the past few shows but with street fight stipulation.
  9. It would be amazing if AJ Lee chose Paige's mother...Saraya Knight. THAT WOULD BE EPIC (to the few that know who she is...)
  10. Yeah.. it basically is... in some form of match the 5 of them have faced one another every RAW and Smackdown heading up to HIAC.
  11. I'm so sick of this authority shit....WWE's logic, "well we have a roster of talent and people who cold step up to fight Ambrose/Cena (like the Wyatt's, for example).....but to hell with that, we'll have Orton, Kane (corporate or monster: stupid fucking shit), and Rollins (I don't mind him) fight them for the 50th time and guess what?.....let's have it end, yet again, via DQ?" You see all the WWE "creative" team nod their heads in agreement....

    I wish I could punch WWE in the fucking lip sometimes.
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  12. Haven't we already seen that handicap match like last week? Or the one before? Or both?
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  13. That's lazy booking, to say the least
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  14. *cough cough cough* Same old shit!
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  15. Honestly I have such a love/hate relationship with this shit. They shit on us while so many shit on watching anything else, pushing 1-2 matches we want to see during the show. No publicity is bad publicity...as in DZ vs Cesaro the tag division Wyatt and others are what peak our interest, while the casual idiot won't care that it's the same continual shit week in and week out. Holla holla 2v3 match ends in dq for the main event, turn it off at 9:30 playas.

    Give Orton time off for fucks sake, stop Cena vs Orton, cut it with the Brie Nikki shit...none of it will happen anytime soon...but this DQ dogshit needs to end, just like the rock has to be the one to beat Rusev now. People who call that a burial are insane. The only guy who could beat Rusev is nicknamed The Great One....but who will beat Rusev when he leaves? It's a great way for gold.

    HIAC won't be great, it never is, and SS will be really bad...the real sad truth is this is the time of year they let you know what will be going on a few months later, and once they pull it over, and over, and over, and over again...they just assume you'll be around to pop for DB or the white knight or the match without a dq end etc for people to pop. They always do.
  16. The Authority's DQ Fest, Part 44 will continue this Monday Night on Raw, or so it seems... :woohoo:
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  17. Predictable booking, hopefully WWE Creative has something good planned for HIAC and the future, won't be able to tolerate bad booking much longer :sad1:
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