2 Matches Announced For The First Live NXT!

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    NXT Championship ladder match
    (C) Bo Dallas vs. Adrian Neville

    Antonio Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn
    I think this is where Bo Dallas is going to lose the title. It suits perfect for the occasion. PLUS, Sami Zayn is gonna win. I feel really bad for making such an epic post and the post being only like 8 lines.
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  2. Ditto on both of your choices for the victors! both will be great matches for the first Live NXT airing on WWE Network.
  3. @JwabTV you can add that the title match is the first ever NXT ladder match.
  4. Mothafucka, will watch Generico and Claudio tear it up.
  5. Just read that actually and was pretty hyped! Can't stand Bo Dallas would love to see him lose it to Neville in a Ladder match.
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  8. Just gonna add....

    Lets Go Dallas!
  9. Sounds like you're a real .. Boliever!

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  10. Honestly, I like Bo....Don't ask me why but I like him.....
  11. He's not awful, I just think his reign needs to come to an end and some fresh NXT blood needs to hold the belt.

    Bo will make it to the main Roster one day, with Bray getting in there and starting to become a decently big name and them being brothers and Bo being NXT champion for so long they will eventually promote him to see what happens.
  12. Hm. Two great matches for sure. Cesaro/Zayn could go either way and I'd be fine with either result. I'm not sure Bo will lose the title though, at this point it would feel a bit random if Neville just got another rematch and won. Perhaps if they build an interesting feud between them in the month and a half that still has to go until then it would be pretty good.
  13. I heard from a friend who was at one of the NXT tapings for the upcoming shows that Sami Zayn was on crutches due to a tweaked knee or something, obviously it isn't going to hold him out long as they have him on the card for the first live NXT show.. Also I hear Paige is still hurting she hasn't performed what since late November, although he wasn't able to find out too many details on her injury.
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