2 murdered at a brazil fooball game

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Gav back in the championship, Jul 6, 2013.

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  1. craziest story ive read in a while basically the ref stabbed a player during a game some of the fans at the game then responded by attacking then beheading him!
  2. It was just an amateur match aswell. It's terrible that it happened but it outlines how dedicated fans can be towards a sport.
  4. goddamn. wonder if the fans then screamed FATALITY
  5. ref shouldn't have booked him.
  6. i can just picture a head on the stake in the middle of the pitch lol
  7. Good job by fans.
  8. WOW


    People are fucked.
  9. Thats just insane. So much investigating to go into that one. Such bad publicity for Brazil as well.
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  10. and this is where the world cup will be hosted next year. :awyeah:
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  11. The pictures are on reddit.

    They cut his legs off, too.
  12. there's a video on liveleak as well. you can see how clean his head got chopped off and his legs.
  13. Good luck to all the players and fans during next years WC. If Brazil loses a game I shudder to think what will go down.
  14. I find it fucked up that I can watch that video normally with no reaction like, "Ewww!"
  15. That head was cut off nice.
  16. Well it did take place in Maranhão, not surprised

  17. Meh. If it were an actual video of what happened it would be one thing, but it was just a dead body sitting there.
  18. All decapitated. Well, the head and legs.
    I can watch cannibal videos to with no harm.
  19. I'm completely desensitized to most everything I see. I watched every brutal or disgusting video I could find in high school, like when those Ukrainian guys beat the guy to death with a hammer. I definitely don't seek out those types of videos anymore, but nothing you show me on the computer is going to make me cringe.

  20. That video was probably the worse I've seen, maybe because I was a bit younger when I saw it but still. Don't think I've seen anything that topped that.
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