WrestleMania 2 Rumored Matches For WrestleMania

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Saylor, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. :mad2:

    I think Sheamus is going to compete against The Shield. I don't know where they got the idea of Sheamus vs Wade Barrett for the IC Championship.

  2. Have you seen Raw? Sheamus has been mocking Wade for a few weeks now, especially due to his movie. Jericho carrying Henry doesn't seem right though as where does Dolph go?
  3. Have you not seen the ending of SmackDown? The last few editions of RAW? Randy Orton RKO'ing Seth Rollins, Sheamus encountering them, etc.
  4. I've seen them but you're acting like the feud with Wade has come out of left field when it's been building for a few weeks now.
    Quote : "I don't know where they got the idea of Sheamus vs Wade Barrett for the IC Championship."
  5. It's the same as saying:

    Quote: "CM Punk isn't removed from the John Cena vs The Rock equation."

    But, in reality, he's going to face The Undertaker.

    My meaning is that plans change rapidly, why Wade Barrett? If he's in a 'feud' with The Shield.
  6. Ah sorry, I misread it my bad. I suppose they wanted an IC title feud and thought English guy vs Irish guy it must write it's self. As for The Shield where has there been any consistency with them? They attack Ryback, leave him for a month then attack him again.
  7. I'm sensing Ryback, Sheamus & Randy Orton vs The Shield. Ryback turns heel costing Sheamus and Randy Orton the match.

    This won't bury The Shield on the biggest stage of them all, a great way to turn Ryback heel and it'll make him look strong without losing.
  8. Those matches suck. I was talking about this with a friend, they have so many guys who can put on great matches/storylines but are lost as far as WM matches go. Shame.
  9. As awesome as Jericho/Henry will be I don't really see who benefits from it.
  10. I would like nothing more than Sheamus to be in some IC title match. Keeps him out of anything important.
  11. I could deal with Jericho vs Henry vs Ziggler
  12. Wade and Sheamus would be good.
    Don't want Jericho/Henry though.
  13. Y2J jobbing..:damnn:
  14. Sadly he is a 40 year old part timer so that should be his role IMHO.
  15. Then what will Henry bring more instead of Y2J..

    Henry is 41..
  16. Being a full time talent, chances are Jericho is gone by the summer while they've obviously priming Henry as the main threat on Smackdown throughout the summer.
  17. When creating a midcard title match, do you:

    A: Put the strap on a heat magnet, book him strongly, and have him face a young rookie legitimately trying to overcome the odds and take him down? (Even if the rookie sucks it's a feud that works)

    B: Put the strap on a heat magnet, book him strongly, then let him face someone else on his level with a legitimate issue between the two? Like if Daniel Bryan doesn't like his fighting style in his wrestling company?

    C: Put the strap on a heat magnet and have him job to everybody under the sun, then have him feud with a guy who's been overpushed to the point of rejection, and have them feud because Sheamus is a bully (be a star) despite being a babyface and is mocking Barrett for being in a movie for no fucking reason.

    :facepalm: #wwelogic

    Don't see how Barrett doesn't get a complete face reception at 'Mania.

    As for Jericho/Henry, that's okay. They only have a little time to get Henry something to do and Y2J could get it over in a month.

    Shield seems to be feuding with Jericho, Orton, Sheamus, Big Show, and Ryback right now, so it'll probably be Orton/Show/Ryback against the Shield. Ugh, that's disgusting.
  18. The role of the GOAT, pick good candidates to put over. Y2j wins.
  19. I wish Jericho would literally win more often, a win over him doesn't hold the prestige it should... curse his lack of an ego.
  20. Agree to disagree. A heel win over y2j is huge, not so much when he is heel.
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