Survivor Series 2 Title Matches Added

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Neptune, Nov 4, 2015.

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  1. Yeah I think the rumor may be right. I mean, what else will they do? You can't just have Roman lose unless he loses now and wins at the next PPV which isn't likely.
  2. If they're going to pull the trigger of Reigns winning the WWEWHC, then I couldn't think of a better place. The Shield debuted at Survivor Series, and to knock off his former brethren at the same event they came together just seems fitting. Not to mention that with the WWE's current state a title change could really shake things up.

    I really, really hope Ambrose doesn't turn on Roman here. I'm clamoring for a heel Ambrose just as much as his other fanboys, but I don't want it if it means he's only going to be used as a tool to help get Roman over the hump of the 50/50 crap. It'd make a hell of a lot of sense, but if they were to do it then at least wait until after the match is over. Don't put off Roman's reign any longer. Strike while the iron is lukewarm-- I say that cause nothing is really hot in WWE these days. Besides Breeze, but that's besides the point.
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  3. The Madison Square Garden show on December 26th lists Dean Ambrose against Kevin Owens as one of the two main events (John Cena vs Sheamus being the other... yikes.) Given that as well as their interaction during the end of this past Monday's Raw main event, an Intercontinental Title feud looks to be what Ambrose will be doing next. Which I think is a mistake in itself, since both Owens and Ambrose need to be in programs they're winning at the moment and not in a no-win situation like this, but that's a different topic.

    It'd be of great benefit to Reigns if Ambrose isn't booked to turn on him. The fans will just continue to side with Dean and whatever popularity Reigns has recovered since the Rumble debacle earlier this year will be washed down the drain. I can't see any scenario where 99.9% of fans would cheer for Reigns over Ambrose.
  4. Those two matches being added to the card was fairly predictable.

    IDGAF what happens with Charlotte/Paige.

    On the other hand, I'm interested in seeing Rollins vs Reigns. Either Rollins retains via Ambrose turns on Roman, or simply Reigns wins clean!
    Both options are fine with me.
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  5. Most people don't care about the Diva title anymore. They need to scrap it and make it the Women's Championship again.
  6. I want Ambrose's turn to be for his own boost and story line. He was the leader of the three at one point. It would be silly to use him as a tool.
  7. It's not about the Divas title not being called the Women's title. It's about the lackluster booking of the entire division.

    The reason #DivasRevolution has sucked is because you can't push 9 people at once.
  8. No, in Vince's world, it wouldn't be silly to use Ambrose as a tool. Pretty sure VKM thinks of Ambrose as nothing more than a midcard chump.
  9. Yes I agree but having a title like "Diva" needs to end if they want a true revolution. I swear it is like they are all bitching back stage and Steph and HHH want to please them all. That doesn't work. If they want to really cause a revolution, give the Divas some tag belts as well. Allow them to have 2 titles instead of one. This way they can have teams the right way, not this bs "Team Bella" crap.
  10. Well Vince needs to kick rocks and let HHH an Steph handle things now. lol
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  11. He won't. He'd rather burn his own company to the ground than let someone take over. lol
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  12. Which seems to be taking place as we speak. lol metaphorically of course.
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