2 years ago at NOC Kelly Kelly beat Beth in her hometown

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  1. 2 years ago at NOC Kelly Kelly beat Beth in her hometown of Buffalo and OMG that was so good to see and the crowd totally got owned seeing their hero lose. Kelly Kelly ruled in that match and retained her divas title. Heres the match for you all to look back on. And now two years later we are stuck with a midget slut AJ and three other divas who just are not that good. Kelly Kelly/Beth were the top divas back then and WWE really is suffering without them no other diva can come close to what those two ladies achieved

    Oh yeah me dropping another pipebomb :pipebomb:
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  2. Marked at the 'Go Leafs Go' sign in the audience.
  3. And 2 years ago at NOC no one gave a shit.....

    Marked for Beth getting a good pop and KK get shit on
  4. What has everyone had for dinner lately?
  5. I was out promoting a show so I had Burger King which wasn't the best idea seeing as im ill atm
  6. What show were you promoting?
  7. Kelly Kelly >>> Beth
  8. An upcoming weekend in Alloa and Larbert, We have Pro Wrestling NOAH's Zack Sabre Jr coming in for it and Shimmer's Portia Perez. Zack is also giving a seminar on Sunday for only 10 quid so it sounds awesome
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  9. Pretty awesome.
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  10. Yeah, Im going to be setting up the ring and taking tickets so I get to watch the shows for free which is even better
  11. Fuck that, I was actually there in Buffalo. It was bulllllllshit.
    I was there you bastard, and yea. Everyone hated Kelly after that including myself.
  12. I just praised you for shitting on Kelly and you call me a bastard! Asshole, I hate life, Fuck this shit.

    *Jumps out of window*
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  13. Anybody else watch Tosh.0? Daniel is GOAT
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  14. I do. Didn't know the new season started though.
  15. The match was so bad that didn't make it to YouTube
  16. I cannot handle the excitement of all your pipebombs.
  17. OMG i know, right!? Kelly kelly is a darling, educated, fashionable woman, and AJ is a whore. Slut.
  18. You're right, quite a milestone. Two years. Seven hundred and thirty days.

    730 days since there was this great hope for the Divas division. 730 days since there was a compelling storyline that can carry the division out of the doldrums.
    And 729 days since Kelly Kelly won and ruined said storyline and nobody's given a single shit about the division since.
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  19. You white people are crazy. Talking about other white girls beating white girls, like it's sumthin to be proud of.
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  20. [​IMG]
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