20 competitors who consistently bring the heat

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  1. 20 competitors who consistently bring the heat


    What does the first weekend of summer mean to you? Does it involve cheerful chants of “No more pencils, no more books” as the school year draws to a close? Will it mark the beginning to the barbecues (with J.R.’s BBQ sauce, of course), beach visits and backyard shenanigans that fill the coming months with happy memories?

    Of course, WWE Superstars are adept at making the “fun in the sun” sentiments of summertime last year-round. That’s because the talented competitors always turn up the heat, intensity and passion as they strive for success in the squared circle. It’s as if the sun never sets on the WWE Universe, since they can usually feel the temperature rising whenever championship gold is on the line or a rivalry is renewed.

    With summer now in full swing, WWE.com celebrates accordingly by paying tribute to 20 fiery personalities who consistently brought the heat to the ring.
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  2. Nice work Pika.
  3. You'll still see bits of HTML in posts but I don't think anyone cares.
  4. Just made it turn all links into mycode anyway, and all other HTML will be stripped in future threads it makes.
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  5. What happens if the articles are in a slideshow?
  6. You mean with more than one page? It only grabs the news from the first page, for the rest of the pages you can just click on the "Read more" link at the bottom.

    Unless you mean stuff like this. It doesn't grab pictures and videos, just features and news.
  7. Yah I meant the first one. Sounds good.

    Is it possible to stop the double posts? Mostly, it makes the same double threads.
  8. Pika > Crayo.
  9. Pika > Crayo. I see this going the way of the Hardy Brothers.
  10. The Hardys? Best go fetch the grapes then.
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  12. Both dropped out of my fave 10.
  13. I was in it :yay:
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