20 Raw Moments You Probably Forgot

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  1. 20 Raw Moments You Probably Forgot


    Many consider the night “Stone Cold” Steve Austin stunned Mr. McMahon to be the start of the famed Attitude Era. Like The Chairman acknowledged in a recent interview (READ), though, Bret Hart was the first to push him on TV.

    Hart was a step from exiting the steel cage and retaining his WWE Championship when The Undertaker rushed to the door and slammed the steel into “Hit Man’s” face. With Hart knocked out, Sycho Sid escaped the cage and won the title. After the commercial break, Raw announcer Mr. McMahon stepped inside the ring to get the exclusive reaction from the now-former champion. When he said, “You’ve got to be extremely frustrated over what has just happened,” Hart went off on a tirade. He shoved The Chairman and yelled, “Frustrated isn’t the word for it! This is bull.”

    Hart cried foul with McMahon “turning a blind eye” to the “best there is, best there was and the best there every will be” in WWE. When looking for the company's new direction, you need to look no further than Hart’s post-match rant.   

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