20 Shocking Discoveries in WWE History

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  1. 20 Shocking Discoveries in WWE History


    Every significant discovery in WWE history did not occur in a vacuum.

    Each revelatory moment, from the conclusion of a nefarious conspiracy to the derailing of an ongoing plot, happened for a reason. Perhaps a Superstar sought to take down a rival, or simply tried to pave an easier path to the top in WWE. Regardless of why, the unveiling of a grappler’s master plan came about because that competitor sought some huge payoff down the road — and engaged in extraordinary means to achieve it.

    Naturally, some of those suspenseful exploits left the WWE Universe completely surprised when the scheme finally came together or eventually fell apart. From confrontations over championship gold to alliances changing or breaking up in real time, take a look at these 20 legendary examples of the most shocking discoveries in the history of sports entertainment.

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